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5.1 small speaker recommendations
If you are checking out the Gallo Micros then Orbs might also fit your needs, they are less expensive and perform equally well. 
Advice for first pair of Maggies
You might want to also look at some MG12's. Best of both world's in between the MMG's and 1.6's. I think they are understated and will work well with your room size. 
MartinLogan Motion 4 vs Gallo A'Diva
There's a pair of new white Gallo Due's for $750 at ebay, which would perform better than the A'Diva's. 
Auralex SubDude
I use it for the downfiring ACI Titan II LE with similar results as everyone else. The only complaint I have is the build quality is a little cheesy but it works. 
Best Value in Used Bryston Amps and Monoblocks
The Bryston discussion is found here:http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?board=57.0 
Magnepan 1.7
Darkeys,If you haven't experienced Magnepans, you might consider the MMG's shipped direct from Magnepan. It'll give you a good idea of the Maggie sound. You have 60 day return priviledge or upgrade up the line with full value. 
budget towers? $500/pair
Go to Audio Advisors website, many good towers at discounted price, here's one for Athena's:http://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=ATLS300 
Top 5 Hamburgers
Not sure if it's still there but remember years ago when living in Chicago, Boston Blackies had good burgers. 
Is Monster cable getting better?
My understanding of HDMI cable is along the same line as Larry_s. 
Replace CD jewel boxes with archival sleeves?
I use this and saved a ton of space. I don't really look at the booklets so that is stored elsewhere. It can hang about 1000 double sided. The front is plastic which from experience with the album sleeves could react with the ink on the top of the... 
Class D amps,bang for your buck ones
I have the Audiosource 7t 200 wpc Tripath chip base amp also used in Bel Canto Evo 200.2, Audio Research 150.2 and the Carver Pro ZR1000. Someone was selling these new on Ebay several years ago with about 40 available. After buying one and enjoyin... 
Best floorstanding speakers less than $500
Check out the Energy speakers at less then 1/2 off and free shipping, these might fit your bill:http://www.vanns.com/shop/servlet/item/reviews/542061916/energy-rc30-cherry 
Mirage Omni 350 omnipolar
Maybe these will improve with more break in? Also any simple tweaks that might help? Brace cabinet, more sound absorbering in speaker walls, points, etc? 
Mirage Omni 350 omnipolar
Pete,How do these compare to the Vandies and Maggies? As a former Maggie owner, I'd be interested. Thanks, 
Mirage Omni 350 omnipolar
Griffin,They range in price see their website:http://www.tektondesign.com/loudspeakers.htm