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Gallo Reference 3.1; What integrated amp?
I haven't heard the SA, so I am only speculating here. But wouldn't activiating the 2nd voice coil introduce more vibration to the whole speaker? Not sure if it affects the sound at all. But if I could feel the rumble from my seat, the other drive... 
Chesky Records & poor sevice,
Guys,For any purchases that you haven't receive in 30 days, by law, you can call your cc and get a refund. Protect yourself and don't wait, if a business doesn't ship you something you purchased within that time frame, they shouldn't be in business. 
Free Gallo Reference 3 tweak
Sorry meant to add the Bright Star link:http://www.brightstaraudio.com/gallo_stands.htm 
Free Gallo Reference 3 tweak
For the price, $99/pr, the stands that Scott, at Stein Audio, works very well. Just need to work a little to sand and paint. Not affiliated with him, just a happy customer.http://www.steinaudio.com/CustomerProjects.htmlor Bright Stars stands, but ... 
Gallo 5LS prototype towers at the CES
According to this Stereophile show report, they were there but I haven't read a lot of discussion eitherhttp://blog.stereophile.com/ces2007/011207shin/ 
Will leaving an amp powered-up all the time...
I'm with Stevecham. Also if a amp manufacture is stating to keep a amp on all the time to sound their best, then it's a crutch and design flaw IMHO, I'd stay away. There are plenty of amps that sound great upon turn on. 
6922 Tubes for Raysonic CD128
You might want to try the Tung Sol label, they are killer for my Marsh p2000t preamp and gave me the killer dynamics and bass impact that you might be looking for. 
S-video vs. component
Ckorody, very nice explanation. If you need a HDMI 2-1 swithcher Accell has a nice one, here's a review:http://www.hometheaterhifi.com/volume_13_4/accell-ultraav-ultrarun-cables-10-2006.html 
Best Audiophile Coverage Of '07 CES?
Usually Audio Federation has the best and their website has links to all the other reports as well.http://www.audiofederation.com/hifiing/2007/CES2007/index.htm 
Amps on Maggie Mye Stands - Bad Idea?
I would not suggest placing on the stands and in back. The vibration of the speaker to the stand will make its way to the amp. Don't forget that dipole sound propagate front and rear equally so air pressure from playing too loud could also add to ... 
Gallo Reference 3.1 in a large room?
It seems like at the HE shows the Gallo's are shown in a fairly large room and always sounded terrific, you should'nt have any problems, I would say these speakers sound their best in larger rooms. 
Audiophile Liquidator....OK??
I've purchased some speakers from them and their shipping is very high. I purchased 4 of the same speakers and they came in different shipments and days. But it still net cheaper then anywhere else. 
Lead shot VR4jr's
Better also wear a mask when handling the lead to prevent inhaling the lead dust. 
Has anyone heard of these speaker?
I love pawn shop finds. How much did you pay for them? There's a review of the Tetra 506 in this month's Tone audio webzine:http://www.tonepublications.com/tone-audio.htm 
Do I need better center ch speaker-dialog unclear?
Not sure what's behind your center speaker, but try some damping. Throw a bunch of sofa cushion temporarily to see if that does anything.