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Does anyone or does everyone pay retail price?
It's really up to each store, but most high end manufacturer tell their dealers not to charge cheaper then MSRP less they lose their line. Not sure if this is legal. 
Best Micro Speaker?
Gallo Micro or A'divaOrbsAudioengine 
gallo 3.1 repair
Contact Gallo directly, heard their CS has much improve and that one poster on another site actually got theirs fixed rather quickly either free or nominal charge.Let us know how it turned out. 
"Budget" pre tube with SS power amp
Do you mean Marsh p2000? They do have a tube hybrid version, the p2000t, that is affordable and great performer. 
Suggestions for an affordable pre/pro
Also check out the Acurus Act 3 pre/pro, I've seen them for about $350-450 here at Agon. 
Gallo Reference 3.1 questions...
I didn't do any hard break ins like most people and just played it when I can. It seems like it took about a year for me to make it really shine. I would say that might be about 400-500 hrs. I'm thinking that a hard break in over days might be mor... 
budget power conditioner
I like the Belkin PF60 with digital amp, class T to be specific. Incredibly spacious and dynamic, there are 2 outlets specifically designed for amps. Good flexibility to program delays for specific outlets. At this price, will probably get another... 
Gallo Reference 3.1 questions...
Hey Dave,It could work if his head was 4 feet wide. 
Do You Remember Your First CD Player?
Yes, the Magnavox CDB 650 is still being used today. Other components have come and gone. 
Gallo 3.1 Mains...What for the surrounds-Center
I have the 3.1's and have tried phantom and Dues for center. But none of them can touch the AV center for performance. The AV center is designed to be hung against the wall for best performance and that's were they are, under the plasma. The sound... 
Best bargain find ever ?
Magnepan 3.3 in perfect condition for $700. 
Cheapest Sweetest deal you've found
The Circuit City price mistake 2 weeks ago selling the Toshiba HD DVD A3 with 7 HD movies for $100. I bought it for the upconversion capabilities, the HD is just the bonus. Incredible picture quality. The sound quality playing CD is also quite good. 
Anyone using Mapleshade bases for Gallo Ref 3's?
Or with a little elbow grease and for less then $150 delivered,you could get a pair of these:http://www.steinaudio.com/CustomerProjects.html 
Vandersteen 5a vs. B&W 802D vs. Maggie 3.6 vs.?
I did own the Maggie 3.6's and agree with some of those poster's, that they are not the best for rock music. Since that is what you listen to mostly you're better off with cone's. They are great speakers but listen to some complex electric guitar ... 
Earthquake Protection
Good advice Marco, the East Bay just got hit with a 4.2 this morning, good reminder that the Hayward fault is due for a big one. They said if the big one does hit, it would be the most disasterous event in US history since the Bay area is now home...