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Another "help me pick speakers" thread
What Stringreen said... 
Sennheiser HD600
I neglected to mention that I do have the upgraded Cardas cables. 
Which TT for my system?
+4 on VPI. My Scout was quite the eye/ear opener when I got it. 
Remember The Last Record Factory?
Yes, their stuff is available direct ( or via Music Direct, Elusive Disc and I'm sure some others. 
Name your lame duck artist........
+1 for Madonna.Remove the shock value and musically, shes the female version of Don Johnson. 
Top 2009 recordings
A wife is not a lame reason :) 
Ortofon A90 review.... wrong choice of gear
So let me get this straight. To appreciate a $4000 cartridge I need to spend another $4000 (pick a number) to appreciate it? Really? What a shell game this hobby can become if you let it. 
Dynavector 10X5 , 20XH, or, other
+1 on the 17D3. It was a night and day difference from the 10X5 which is what I bought my Scout with. 
Do you know how Kirksaeter speakers sound?
I listened to a pair about 8-10 years ago and they sounded great. Sorry I can't remember the model. 
Which cartridge do you use with the vpi classic?
I used a Dynavector 17D3 with a Sutherland Ph3D when I had my Scout and it was a GREAT match. 
Is it CD or SACD?
There is no manual as this is a demo loaner til mine comes in. 
Automatic Cueing and Automatic Return
It would seem there must be a way to at least have auto lift at the end, without affecting the sound. The old AT6006(?) tonearm lift worked pretty well and I can't imagine how it could have affected the sound negatively. Can't be that hard to inco... 
When will rap music be less mainstream?
"People said Justin Timberlake is very talented singer/songwriter. I know him because I saw lots of headshot of him on commercials and magazines, but can you name any popular/well known song from him?"Good question/point. I know I can't and I have... 
Which Universal Remote?
Harmony great once you get used to it. 
Happy Christmass everyone
Merry Christmas...even to you, Ebeneezer Kurt_tank.Guess some folks can't ever check their politics at the door.