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Warner Bros New Van Morrison Vinyl Reissues
And the live album is quite good too... 
Who was your first
John Klemmer-Straight From the Heart-late 80's 
Overall opinions on Harman Kardon
I've owned a lot of HK over the years and over the past 5-10 years, the quality has started to wane. I have an 880Vxi as the guts for my spare system and I still believe the CD-491 was one of the best, if not the best, cassette decks ever...and I ... 
What makes for a GOOD turntable.
What Jaybo said... 
Advice on Cartridge and simple way to clean LP
The Disc Doctor system works well and is about $80 for the cleaner and brushes. You'd just need to buy distilled water, toilet paper and a dish drainer. The instructions explain the procedure quite well. 
Vandersteen 2CE or 1C for small room?
I have 2CE sigs and initially I was using them in a room 8 X 13 with the speakers along one of the short walls. It sounded good but not as good as it does now in a room that's about 13 X 16. I'd get the 1C's. 
Phono Pre Amp?
Try the Cambridge 640p. It's worked well with both a Goldring and now a Dynavector cartridge. Retail is around $180. You can also have it modded down the road, if you so desire. 
Is music quality moving away from the "audiophile"
...and then there's Mr. Tom Petty...who made sure that in the recent Mudcrutch release, NO compression was used. Classy guy... 
CBS, Nautilus 1/2 speed DIGITALLY mastered LPs
One of the best Nautilus recordings I ever heard is John Klemmer-Straight From the Heart. The version of Arabesque will give ya chills. 
Scout ground question
Maybe I am misunderstanding you but if the only ground you have is from the tonearm to the screw on the "junction box" that sits on the back top of the turntable, that's not enough. I have a ground wire that connects that screw on the junction box... 
Help me get back to vinyl
I can third the Cambridge. Very good bang for the buck. It was my main phono stage before I bought the Sutherland Ph3d. 
Help me get back to vinyl
"just to get the disease started while avoiding divorce."LOL...ya sure ya wanna do this? It gets addictive... 
Vandersteens and room acoustics
Thank you. I truly appreciate the feedback.I do have one other option which is the main floor living room. I'm single no WAF to consider.The dimensions are about 13W X 15L X 9H, but it's not completely sealed at one end and at one corner. It has o... 
Upgrades for Scoutmaster, In order of improvement?
I second the SDS. I got one for my Scout and it made a clear improvement. I am also using a Gingko, Cloud 10, with pretty good results. 
Babies and Speakers
Congrats on the imminent arrival! Life changing stuff...and all for the good.Play the music as much/often as possible, albeit at lower levels, at first. As Riley says, they get used to it and in the case of my daughters, learned to sleep thru most...