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Digital is far better than vinyl
Sound of vinyl is better than Cd or streaming : the sound is more “feelable “, emotional and more involved. The Cd-player closest to vinyl is the Audiomeca Mephisto IIx. It’s a different way of listening. I prefer vinyl !!!  
Best sounding CD player
Exellent cd-players/transport : Audio Note CDT two/II , Metronome Technologie “le player” , Audiomeca Mephisto II.x , Audio Aero,…  
System that sounds so real it is easy to mistaken it is not live
The most “ real music “ , I ever heard: Denon m 101 /Thorens 124/2 ( turntable ),; Daniel Hertz M6L/ Audio Aero Prestige (préamp/CD-player) ; Audio Aero Prestige monoblocks / Mal Valve 2/ VAC 300.1 and the magnificent Ilumnia Magister MK2 speakers... 
Primaluna or not Primaluna
@holmz : The AR preamps are very good !! De “colder”. Neutral , but minus accoustical … Jadis is nice, but à warm and flowery sound. I do like Ear (specially the 509): very neutral, beautiful placement , natural sound. The Vac , and sp... 
As streamer , i’m favorite of Lumin , Moon Mind 2. Always à separate dac :  Metronome Technologie is great. Do like also : Ear , Trilogy,,…  
Primaluna or not Primaluna
Holmz :PrimaLuna : open , i ment very acoustic, the high-range is sharp . Not “Whow“ , means :not An amp i would buy again :à normal mid-class tube amp.. in triode hé plays , as you said  , and not tiring .  Jadis have à Nice sound but too woolly ... 
Primaluna or not Primaluna
As tube-amp.: PrimaLuna isn’t  à “wohw”-amp. , not  bad but more An amp for “beginners”. :sound is à little bit sharp, not so detailfull, is very open. I prefer: Ear 509, VAC phi 300.1 , Wavac  805m , Audio Aero Prestige , Mal Valve 2 ,…( Less: Ma... 
How many people do you think have the same DAC, amplifier, and speakers
Many people go into “cliché” : B&W  and Accuphase , Luxman (.like it) , Macintosh , or Son.Faber with those amps : for  me , this is hi-fi , no high-end.. very good high-end is difficult to find , or The people don’t know it. Big fans of audio... 
What is the Best Sounding Stand Mount Speaker in the world?
Probebly ,The best speaker in The world : The Belgian , Ilumnia Magister MK2. Never heard à better sound before!  
EAR 834 line stage
One of The best preamps i’ve heard.  Very musical, open , detailfull . À piece of Art from Tim de Paravicini !  
Bowers and Wilkins, 801 D4
Both speakers , are “cliché “ speakers with a great marketing plan , very knowned  ,but I don’t like them ,because (for me ) they don’t give the natural sound , perceptibility , you don’t go “into the music” : you miss the feelings and empathy… th... 
Magico M9 a ton of weight and a million dollar price tag $750,000
Magico is better than B&W : but none of them came into my living room…  
can I connect 2 sources directly to power amp (one XLR one RCA)
Only when there’s a  seperate input  switch. Listen to , what’s the best option !   
The Best Speakers in the World!
The best ,I ever heard is the Ilumnia Magister MKII :amazing !!  
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
Ilumnia Magister MK2 : Cfr: