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What tonearms are compatible with a Scoutmaster?
@panzrwagn I couldn't agree more. I recently upgraded my arm to the Fatboy Unipivot on my original Aries table and couldn't be happier. That arm brought it to another level. VPI does have a "Dual Pivot Assembly" accessory available for those that ... 
UPS. Friend Or Foe?
I have a good amount of transactions between here and a couple of other sights and can say with certainty that over the years UPS has been the worse BY FAR for damage, and not making good on insurance. I once had a pair of (heavy) mono blocks deli... 
Mint Best Tractor still in business?
Yes, same here. When you hit "Press To Order" on his website it sends you to an email- that never gets answered. I've been trying for about 6 months now.  
Ground voltage!!
(The bigger slot is "hot", I think.) The bigger slot is neutral  
Why do so many sellers take offense to offers on their listings?
@bubba12  "I just believe a seller should come back with a reply of what they would be willing to accept" IME, replying to a lowball offer has never resulted in a sale, ever.  "If the price is firm don't leave the offer option available" I use... 
Sending out Offers in marketplace.
At a minimum you risk the seller leaving you negative feedback if he accepts your offer within the specified time limit and you decide not to go through with the transaction.  
VPI VTA Base question
Yeah, I must have pulled measurements and reset the arm on the pivot a hundred times over the past week. I know what you mean stringreen, at first setting the arm down on the pivot felt a bit awkward compared to my older version. But you know whe... 
VPI VTA Base question
Yes the V cut is adjusted to the pivot bearing the way it's supposed to be. I can't imagine the arm being out of spec, they are all made from the same mold, right?  I'm not new to this as this is my 4th arm I've mounted on this table, where I ha... 
VPI VTA Base question
Dynavector XX2 mkII Supposed to be a popular match with the Fatboy  
VPI VTA Base question
My alignment results are from a brand new VPI 10" jig I just ordered along with my new arm and base.   
VPI VTA Base question
I got confirmation from VPI that I do have the correct JMW VTA base. I'm just puzzled as to why I can't get the proper alignment when I have the correct P2S distance. Right now I'm using the VPI jig and the diamond is at the forward most part of ... 
VPI VTA Base question
Thanks for the response's so far........ but back to my original question- can anyone tell the difference between the 2 arm bases? Something visual or something I can measure? Visually they look the same to me on VPI's website. I recently acquir... 
VPI VTA Base question
I have the proper P2S distance. The cartridge is pegged to the rear of the headshell slots and it needs to go back a bit more.  Just trying to find out if I got the right base at this point.  
Which pair of speakers changed your Hifi life?
Large Advent- standard cabinet- bought new in the early 70's. Couldn't afford the upgraded style cabinets.   
What are/were the best sounding cheap components you have ever had?
 I'm surprised Magnepan hasn't been mentioned yet (unless I missed it somewhere). I bought a pair of the LSR's for my son and a was simply amazed what those speakers could do at that price.