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Dedicated line question
Correct. If it makes some feel better you could always remove the other outlets from the chain, wire nut the wires together, and put a blank cover plate on the boxes. You could then say it's a long run dedicated circuit. 
Old work electrical boxes
Why not install the electrical box alongside a stud and screw the side of the box into the stud. 
Tape deck repair in the Chicago area
Can't think of anybody that knows and services the Dragon better than Willy Herman. Will have to ship to CA though.  
Cart adjustment, that moment when you nail it!
" In the northern states we get freezing temperatures that can cause frost heaving of your house foundation. This is why your house gets cracks"This should never happen unless someone did something terribly wrong. Foundation footing depth codes a... 
If your were to assemble a vintage system ?
I'd have to go with my first decent system I put together in the 70'sDynaco SCA80 Large AdventsDynaco FM5AR turntable 
New Zu Audio Soul Supreme Speakers
If it bothers you that much a simple fix would be a trip to a hardware store and get  some "finish washers". Bring 1 screw with you so you can size up the finish washer. It's the back of the speaker, not seeing a big deal here. 
Reel-to-Reel Player--Best Playback Deck 4-trk Stereo-Dependable, Easy Repair, Sounds Great
My Technics 1506 fall under most of your criteria.  
Thinking of trying "vintage" sound just for fun
I was blown away at how good a Baldwin (converted) amp sounded with my Khorns. Magical.  
Pivot to Spindle distance
Thanks for all the valuable information. Stringreen summed it up in the fewest words-  " if it ain't right, it ain't right"I decided even though everything else is in alignment I'm still going to redo it and get it right all around. 
Pivot to Spindle distance
Lewm,I used that term loosely. The diamond follows the arc on my Wallytractor and the cantilever is parallel with the null points.  
Pivot to Spindle distance
@islandmandan  I kind of figured that but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing out on something. @ tooblue Good observation. And thanks for the compliment. But no, I had to drill in a totally new arm board I got from VPI when I went to the 10" ar... 
Nothing is guaranteed, but the one thing I always do is check the sellers feedback. I just won't buy (a high dollar item) from a new(ish) member or a member that doesn't have a fair amount of feedback or negative feedback. Unfortunately large spea... 
Stacked Large Advents v Cornwalls v Klipschorns
Had all 3, in the order you have them listed. The Advents were superb back in the day. However no match for the Cornwalls, and certainly not for the Khorns. As mentioned above, your room is critical for these speakers to sound right. And what you ... 
Reel-to-Reel deck service shop recommendations
Sorry I can't help you on the west coast, but if you wanted to ship I've had good luck with my R2R at New Jersey Factory Service,  
My really dumb tube mistake(s)
@ veerossiTV-7D/U tester. It will not test the 805 Yes on the 300b, 6SN7, 6SL7