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You know you're an audiophile if--
You're on a first name basis with the UPS deliveryman.You have a secret bank account that your significant other doesn't know about. 
Linn LP-12 still competitive with the very best?
A previous poster chose to use the example of atomic force microscopy to illustrate the alleged inanity of my comment about measuring thrust plate flatness with light.The cantilever deflection in atomic force microscopy is most widely measured wit... 
Linn LP-12 still competitive with the very best?
A 1979 LP12 is not competitive with the best of today but a 2009 LP 12 is.The only thing that's obsolete about a current spec LP 12 is its appearance, which definitely has a retro '60's or 70's look to it. It's not as nice looking as newer designs... 
Linn amps with Keilidhs- will 2 x 140's make a dif
Replacing the LK 85 with an LK 140 will make a difference. However, if you have a limited budget and have the choice of buying activ cards or buying a second LK 140, it's a no-brainer to choose the activ cards.Keep in mind that when you go activ, ... 
Bruce at The Super Bowl....
I thought it was a good show. He gave the people what they wanted to see. Sorry the rest of you didn't like it.It didn't matter if he couldn't hit the high notes anymore. I can't hear them anyway! :) 
An Off Topic Question Re Off Topic Questions
I have some relatives driving Volvos in the northeast. I'd put Michelins or Goodyears on them. Toss a coin. I find the winter Michelins wear down a little more quickly than the Goodyears when the road is bare, but perhaps have better grip on pack ... 
An Off Topic Question Re Off Topic Questions
I've seen this type of thing on other sites. Seems fine if that's what you want. But I look at it this way. When the offbeat topics appear in the general list of topics, I stumble across them randomly and find them an interesting diversion that I ... 
Come Play The Audiophile Genie Game
No offense, but maybe if you asked for one system with a general price guideline, people might respond. Two systems at most, maybe an HT and a two channel system. But six complete systems with mutiple sets of speakers for each? Your post is kind o... 
Bass trapping question
Sounds right to me. Also keep in mind that if the bookcases are forming a cavity behind them where the trap is located, and the cavity is bigger than the trap, you will be creating another trap. 
10 questions about computer audio
Great picture! There are nuclear submarines that have controls panels that look less intimidating. 
Turntable - On the Wall or to the Floor?
Put it wherever it is less likely to move. In your case, the wall. For other people with solid, concrete floors, it would be the floor. A load bearing wall is better than a non-load bearing wall since such walls will be over foundation walls or su... 
Local dealer cuts store in half says audio is dead
You've said all that needs to be said. Let him go under. The customers he did have will go elsewhere and help other more deserving stores to stay in business. 
Van Den Hul amps and preamps
Is this the site where you saw the ads? the bottom of the page, there are some links to Van Den Hul reviews. 
Did you ever take a step back
If you like music, it doesn't matter what you listen to it with. 
Projector VS some other type of HDTV
Thanks to Chadnliz for the detailed info on the use of pojectors. It is also valuable to read about the experiences of others. However, having read his post, I am now satisfied that I definitely do not want to have one, although that may not have ...