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A litlle help for choice of speakers up to €5500 (used or new)
Plutos, wow, that would be horrible of course!  The one link that advertised the Sophia 2's on a site in the UK for 5,500 GBP (6200 EUR) looks potentially very good.  The seller is in France, which is a reasonable road trip from Portugal if the de... 
A litlle help for choice of speakers up to €5500 (used or new)
Miguel, I did a little searching, perhaps something may be of interest here. Maybe the right speaker is worth a European road trip! 
A litlle help for choice of speakers up to €5500 (used or new)
If you get lucky, you can purchase a 2nd hand pair of Wilson Audio Sophia series 2 for your target price.  I have an audiophile friend in Lisbon, and a serious audio enthusiast in Porto. Imacoustica is a great resource of course, but I am not awar... 
Roon Sound Quality
Try the 60 day free trial of roon.  If it sounds better, you have an answer!  But more helpful than that obvious response, If it sounds similar, I'd still go with Roon.  It's the best music management software I have ever used.  I have the main co... 
DACs for Portable Listening
I had both the dragonfly and oppo’s cell phone looking device.  I didn’t much care for the dragonfly, but that is because I expected too much from the amp section, which is very limited.i was impressed by the oppo amp, but in the end went with the... 
Why does unplugging/replugging TT leads from tube phono pre-amp reset dead channel?
Maybe there is a member of our group in your area who would be willing to allow you to connect your phono preamp to their system and rule out that possibility 
Classical Music for Aficionados
For me, a part time classical lover, I'll never forget one of the first pieces that I was introduced to as a young boy.  I must have been 7 or 8 years old, and a family friend use to play Tchaikovsky's Violin Concerto in D Major for me on his turn... 
Why does unplugging/replugging TT leads from tube phono pre-amp reset dead channel?
Call victor, the chief over at BAT.  I used to have BAT power amp. I had a service question and he was easily accessible and very helpful. You can’t beat that! 
Making the audiophile experience more available
Erik, I’ll bite... what do you mean? 
Making the audiophile experience more available
asp307, if you ever have long computer sessions, I would highly recommend a small amp at your computer desk.  I am a photographer, so during photo shoot edits, music is wonderful. 
Leather couch, leather love seat or single wooden chair
I vote for the 3 seater. This way you get the sweet spot for solo sessions, and get 1 or 2 companions for group awesome as a lone Herman Miller chair may be, it is a lonely thing. Perhaps 3 Herman Miller chairs!  
Newbie here with a cable question
It looks like you’ll two pairs of interconnect, Possibly a phono cable if you don’t already have one, and one pair of speaker cables.  Do you have a price range in mind of what you are comfortable spending on those 3-4 pairs of cables? If you want... 
Willie Nelson - a couple of questions please
Thanks Sfar, great recommendation.  I was not even aware of that album.  Just gave it a listen via Tidal. 
Which audio component would you like Santa to place under the christmas tree for you?
I’ve asked Santa (aka my wife) for a Schiit Jotunheim headphone amp to power my new Audeze LCD-2’s! 
Higher end value cables
Kimber PBJ should probably be on your list of possibles. $117 for a 1 meter pair of RCA interconnect.  Kimber makes a range of speaker Cable options in a similar style called 4TC, 8TC, and 12TC.good luck!