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The grills and adhesive deteriorate over time.  My mother in law has a pair of cubs. I noticed the grills were looking old and tired, so I ordered a new set from Wilson. Cheap price, installed nicely. 
Recommendations for Windows software to go with a Ayre QB-9 DAC
Absolutely, hands down, Roon is the software to use.  Nothing else comes close to the user experience, feature set, Tidal integration, and support by the hardware manufacturers (including Ayre).  
CD player with USB and Coaxial out - does such a thing exist?
I used a Musical Fidelity V-Link in my system for a while.  They can be had used for $75.  They had a version II that has a higher bit rate for a bit more cash.As for CD players, the ones that have a USB input will allow you to use the built in DA... 
Suggestions from all you wise ones
Hello Golden - I don't live in the area, so I can't offer a convenient listening session, but I would be happy to lend any advice that I can.  If you fancy a visit to Miami, let me know!If you feel that you are missing out on your music passion, i... 
UK to US step up/down voltage converter
Can you clarify what you are trying to do?  Are you trying to run a 240v device on 110v electricity?  What type of device is it?  What do you mean by "aftermarket female line cord"? 
How can I connect bananas to Wilson speakers?
CZarivey is being a wee bit sarcastic it seems.  I think he is suggesting that I am not too bright, or obsessing over an insignificant thing.  That's ok, I can take it!  That's pretty tame.  Water off a duck's back!  Though I would prefer real sug... 
Good music/audio stores in Memphis, Nashville, Florida panhandle, Central FL
There is a man named Eric Lang of Wired Technology Group. They do more than just hifi, and are into theater and smart home primary. However, I bought a pair of Wilson speakers from his shop in Orlando. I believe Eric may have opened a second shop,... 
Is it worth it?
seems to me that the VTL mono block is a better amplifier!  Once I listened to my speakers (Rockport Mira Monitors at the time) through my audio research amp & preamp, and then listened to a similarly priced Pass Labs amp and pre.  They both p... 
Bluesound Node 2 - Next level up
if you like Roon, which is really great, you can get a Roon ROCK core device that will feed a DAC with a digital stream.  You can also tap into hard drive based digital files should you decide to.  Cost for an Intel Nuc to run Roon ROCK is about $... 
First HiFi system - questions
Justin,  Nice job, it looks like a great starter Hi-Fi system!  I say starter not in any negative way - only that with all things audiophiledom, the journey is part of the fun.  Changing gear, upgrades big and small, all add to the enjoyment of th... 
Dust Cover for Amps
+1 for digital deck covers.  They are custom made and fit nicely.  I have one for a large format printer and one for a desktop scanner.  They are simple looking, not fancy, but they do the job. 
Best used or new DAC under $3500
By the way, my PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC mk II with Bridge II is about to go up for sale.  It’s in 8 or 9 condition. PM me if that is of any interest to you! 
Am I dreaming?
Have you considered a Devialet Expert Pro? 
Devialet Expert Long Term Experience?
So I auditioned the Devialet Expert Pro 220 in my home over the weekend. I listened to it against my current system, which consists of an Audio Research tube power and preamp, PS Audio DAC, and Whest phono stage.  (you can see the details in my vi... 
Devialet Expert Long Term Experience?
superpef - Thank you very much for the detailed report!  I have high hopes, and a scheduled demo coming soon.  I am also skeptical.  I have a pretty sweet setup with great manufactures, tubes, the works.  The little shiny square has its work cut o...