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Muddy Waters Folk Singer LP
Freediver, Indeed!  I have the MoFi pressing and the DSD download.  Both are phenomenal.  The recording is the business, and it is a fantastic one. 
Analogue Productions Originals
@mofimadness  holy cow I intend to! Hopefully this year with a group of friends. I take it you’ve been there… How was it? Super crowded? Possible to get a seat in the church? 
What are the best entry level integrated amps and speakers?
Elac is getting so much press for being top performing gear, you must pay that some credence. Perhaps 50% of your budget goes to the speakers.Right now on audiogon there is a steal on a classe integrated amplifier with a small defect. Original pri... 
Is a GREAT turntable under $2000 possible???
I think you could do that for $2000. I would probably buy a used turntable and a new cartridge.  I would consider a secondhand entry-level clearaudio table and arm with a  dynavector MC cartridge, something like the 10X5 perhaps. I have a JA Miche... 
2 or 3 way socket
This may works well for you: 
Downloading lossless to my iPhone?
Agreed. Check out onkyo’s high res player app. You can use it to load high res files on the phone. But you can also try the Tidal app on the phone, played in your Wadia Dock.please tell me more about your entire system. Where does the pioneer stre... 
Downloading lossless to my iPhone?
I left iTunes many moons ago, and that is one of the reasons.  Have you considered a Tidal HiFi membership? All albums in CD quality FLAC files, streamed. You can also download if you like. 
MQA through Toslink
Why not go this way:computer > network > Airport Ethernet port > Bluesound Node 2 as a streamer and DAC > rca output to amplifier  
MQA through Toslink
Does the airport express also have the option to output via ethernet and even USB?  This will remove your toslink limitation.  Toslink is not particularly desirable by the way.  Something like the Meridian Explorer 2 can accept a USB signal from t... 
MQA through Toslink
Can you tell us more about your implementation? Why Toslink? What is the digital source? What is the amplification?  If I have a full picture, I can be of more help :-) 
MQA through Toslink
That may be a tall order. I checked a couple of low budget DACs  that do MQA, but they don’t have a toslink connector. Of course there may be one, but the $400 budget will limit your selection. You may consider something like the meridian explorer... 
Speaker Cable Upgrade... Advice Please
Thank you everyone.  This has been very useful! 
Speaker Cable Upgrade... Advice Please
Here's a crazy question... Might a power cable have more effect on the brightness than the speaker cables? 
Speaker Cable Upgrade... Advice Please
its true, I am accustomed to the tube sound, and it’s true, the Devialet is a bit brighter than the ARC gear I had.  There are a few reasons for the switch.  I am moving to Europe so I will be in the land of 240v power, and will be down sizing hom... 
I think I paid $75. I called Wilson directly