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Nuforce 9.02s powering Maggies?
Sorry....3.6R Maggies...for a starting point. Run a powered sub-woofer to augment the bottom end. - MDrummer01 
Best Chicago area HIFI shop?
Check this thread...worked well for me about a year ago.http://forum.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/fr.pl?hbest&1144414257&read&keyw&zzchicago 
Music that has good cymbals
Manu Katche -- NEIGHBORHOOD....especially dynamic, using brushes, sticks, wooden routs (bundles)on splashes, rides and chinas. Plenty of space. Will give you goosebumps. 
your favorite michael brecker recording?
While not necessarily my favorite recording of Michael, in the wake of Michael's passing I recently pulled out an old DVD of a 1983 Steps Ahead concert the group did in Copenhagen. The group w/ him is stellar: Mike Mainieri on vibes, Eddie Gomez o... 
2006 BEST Female Vocal CD/SACD/XRCD
Audiorichard: I second you choice http://www.nativelanguage.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=NLM&Product_Code=NLM-0949-2I just bought her CD and her music, the simple sonics of the acoustic trio and her voice in this Native... 
Any interest in hearing Gershman Black Swan Spkr?
Aktchi: Geez...I said I look forward to hearing from him (meaning AnThuan), not from Miss Manners or the rest of Audiogon. Lighten up. Have you ever heard the saying "criticize in private, praise in public?" We're all friends here, so please play ... 
Any interest in hearing Gershman Black Swan Spkr?
AnThuan: I live in the area and your proposal sounds interesting...actually perfect for a mid-winter activity program. Actually, one of my buds from the local audio club brought this thread to my attention, so you have at least two of us intereste... 
How do I bi-amp using NuForces and tubes?
"How will you balance the two amps for gain?" That is THE question. What are my options for doing that? Would something like a Jolida model JD 50A work? Other suggestions? - Steve 
Best audio shops in the Chicago area?
Thank you all! All of these suggestions are candidates, as I will be driving in from the west (Minneapolis) and can visit the Naperville / Woodridge area on my way to downtown. Glenn Poor's?...I actually lived accross the street from their store i... 
Hallelujah by Lenard Cohen
I don't know if she has recorded this song yet, but I heard Brandi (I think the spelling is right) sing this when she opened for Jamie Collum on March 12th here in St. Paul, Minnesota. I had not heard her before, and I understand she is from the S... 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
My Modwright is paired with Bryson 7BST monoblocks. Probably have more headroom than I need (500-550 per channel) with the Paradigm 100s (91db), but this has been a better pairing than with a CJ amp (200WPC) FET I used before. I use Audience AU 24s. 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
Horseface: For what it's worth, I too use a set of Paradigm speakers: Studio 100V3. I experimented with a set of Dynaudio's (Contour 1.8)...a little too lean in the bass department for my tastes. Short story: I think Paradigms and the Modwright ar... 
Modwright SWL 9.0SE Pre ... your thoughts welcome
I have had a 9.0 SE for about six months now and consider it the best bang for the buck I've ever spent on my system. The kudos expressed in previous responses are right on. With just two 5687 tubes, it's cheap and easy to roll tubes. The overall ...