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Tubed Pre match with a Spectron Musician IIISE?
Romandoc: When do you anticipate taking delivery on your preamp from Promitheus? Can't wait to read your assessment...feel like a voyeuristic kid in a candy store. 
Modwright 9.0SE Sig. versus Belles 21A
I have had a Modwright 9.0SE (not Sig.) now for about 3 years; favorite tubes are the Sylvania GB5687s. I bought a used Belles 28A here on the Gon about 4 months ago, mainly to be more user-friendly (I leave it on all the time) for my wife. I'd sa... 
Preamps with two pairs of balanced outs?
Belles 28A 
Tubed Pre match with a Spectron Musician IIISE?
Rafael: Thank you so much for your pre suggestions. I read your excellent review of the Spectron Musician IIISE. While I am not in a position to add a second amp, I wonder what the value is of running this amp in a balanced configuration vs. RCA c... 
Tubed Pre match with a Spectron Musician IIISE?
Rafael: My budget is 3,000. Thanks!-Steve 
Spectron Musician 3 First Impressions?
I have to add my two cents about Spectron philosophy/practice and upgrading an already fine amplifier. I bought a pre-owned Musician IIISE about two months ago from a member here on Audiogon. The unit did not work properly upon arrival; I have no ... 
What power cord with the Cambridge Audio 840C?
Audience PowerCord...after trying Zu Bok, AZ Tsunami, NBS Signature. Of course, your results may vary. Somebody...please give me the definition of synergy AGAIN? 
von schweikert shipping boxes vr4sr
Optarchie: Your scenario changes everything. Where do you reside? You might give it an (easy) go on Craig's List...just to reduce the hassle factor of having to ship. 
von schweikert shipping boxes vr4sr
Keep them. You will not find a better fit between the speaker and a shipping container the manufacturer gives you. Somebody out there, some day will buy those speakers IF you have the original cartons. Cramped for space? Do what I did: stain the w... 
Buzz/hum from Spectron Musician II amplifier.
I would second the hypothesis that the voltage ramp up causes the hum. I've had a Spectron Musician IIISE in my house for about a week and a half, and it sometimes hums (the unit, not through the speakers)...but it's always been around 5-5:30 in t... 
Best Audio Related Story (or joke).
A man feared his wife (insert wife's name here...say..."Mary") wasn't hearing as well as she used to and he thought she might need a hearing aid. Not quite sure how to approach her, he called the family doctor to discuss the problem.The doctor tol... 
Nuforce v2: has anyone tried them
I vote for the Modwright SWL 9.0SE pre...reasonably priced and the cost of tubes (Sylvania GB 5687 my favorite) won't break the bank. I've run that with my Nuforce 9SEs...guessing the V2s would have the same synergy. Don't leave the ICs out of the... 
Spectron Musician 3 First Impressions?
Snopro: Thanks...looking forward to your post! 
Spectron Musician 3 First Impressions?
Guidocorona: Right you are. The way I initially came across the fuse tweaks options was through another Mus3 owner who had spoken to Simon at Spectron. The least expensive fuse tweak option is somewhere between $100-150...a relatively small price ... 
Spectron Musician 3 First Impressions?
I will be taking a delivery on a Musicain III SE within a week or two. Regarding the tweaks available out there in the market place...does anyone have experience with one of the following "packages?"(1) Walker Audio SST and HFT fuses(2) Extreme Au...