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Sistrum platform
yes their is an definite sonic improvement over the bright star sand box air mass combination I was previously using for my CD player. Very stable. Not bad not easy but it's only once. 
The Most Beautiful Song of The RnR era?
Beatles Here Comes The Sun 
Pre amp for VTL450's and Wadia 9
send the wadia 9 to Steve Huntley of great northern sound company for modification instead of the preamp upgrade I'm sure the difference would be better than the preamp would provide 
Where are you from this Christmas..
from Moreno Valley CA the former home of famed Riverside International Raceway which has now became Moreno valley mall wish the track was still there. 
Undiscovered blues gems.....
2nd Robert Cray- Some Rainy Morning 
Best power amp below US $ 20.000,00 ??
vtl Reference 750 with infini caps 
Any Opinios on Genesis II.5
check stereophile online archives for a review believe its still available 
How come there is no thread on the RealityCheck?
" I do know several people, me included, who have tried to find better blanks with no success." Tbg Tbg could you please elaborate upon your experience with various blanks?Today Georges blanks just absolutely murdered the dirt cheap Iomation blank... 
Lived up to or beyond the hype for 2005.
Reality Check CD burner 
Corner treatment -- PZCs a sure thing?
Jay here's a link which explains the tuning better than I can yes also using four mini controllers 1 on each walls midpoint top seam. the corner four controllers really help considerably they virtually el... 
Mobile fidelity gold CDR vs Black CDR
cmo two words regarding burner Reality Check it truly works 
DVD burner Vs. Comcast
some recorders take up to 24 hours to download the program guide does yours slappy? hey have you seen the Natalie Portman flick Closer yet? 
Rowland Model 9 still a reference?
was the most transparent amplifier I have ever heard and the bass was very tight and controlled and very weighty 
Corner treatment -- PZCs a sure thing?
have used both the pzc is definitely better and adjustable 
Mobile fidelity gold CDR vs Black CDR
cmo try American Digital on the Internet