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Prestige Miles Davis on SACD vs. vinyl
my experience with both SACDs and CDs, compared with LPs, is that they are simply highly variable - you really have to judge each release on its own merits. hence the importance of forums like this to deflate the hype and tell it like it is. some ... 
On a mission for more BASS
just buy a good subwoofer. even a used rel stadium ($1K + change) would probably do the trick. bread crumbs will move. 
The search among the great ones - 20k+ speakers
you might try to audition vandersteen 7's too - I was mightily impressed by them. 
Favorite poorly-recorded albums
stones' 'exile on main street' 
best rock SACDs
music from big pink (the band) - the recently released MFSL sacd is a must-have if you're into late sixties. (their stage fright is also excellent, but musically not quite the masterpiece 'big pink' is). I second the Dylan recommendations: Nashvil... 
which preamp for my cary slam-100 mono's?
I should add: I auditioned the SLP-98 (whichever version it was 10 years ago) and liked it, but the CAT is more neutral, which is important to me because I listen to a very eclectic mix, from joni mitchell to electronic/experimental. if I mostly l... 
which preamp for my cary slam-100 mono's?
I have a CAT SL-1 mk3 w/phono with the slams and have been completely happy with the combination for years (+ the CAT has never had a single issue in over 10 years of heavy use) 
Probably a dumb DAC question
if I were you I'd get used to the new pre's sound, then, once you've got a sense of its personality, ask yourself if you want a more 'romantic' (maybe tube), 'gutsy', 'analytical', etc. DAC. in some ways, DACs are like cables: the audiophile's way... 
Help with a first tube amp Please
second on the rogue cronus - amazingly good for the $, esp. if you can find one used 
How to isolate a refrigerator?
it's true that you can spend megabucks on super-quiet (always European) fridges, but recent vintage, energy-efficient domestic ones can be quiet enough (+ cheap) to fix your problem. 
How to isolate a refrigerator?
in terms of upgrades, if you can't fix the problem with isolation (like feet or cork), buying a quieter fridge is pretty cheap - you might even find one for free on Craigslist. I have a 7 or 8 y.o. kenmore that's extremely quiet - the neighbors ga... 
Linn Ittok or Grace 707?
Linn no longer supports the Ittok, so if you go that route and need service, you'll be out of luck 
Starting out- a Beatles question
the Beatles are one group that it might make more sense to buy in CD form - the recently remastered sets (stereo + mono) get high marks while the vinyl has never been the 'grail' of any audiophiles. you're right about the availability of indie vin... 
When to get your amp up graded caps ???
I don't know anything about electronics, but I've been told that some of the capacitors available now are simply better than those manufactured in the past (e.g. 20 years ago). if that is indeed the case, it would make sense to upgrade older amps'... 
45rpm pressing of Fleetwood Mac Rumours
IMO the 45 is definitely better. my 0.02