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how long can you leave a CDP on 'pause'?
I don't know the answer: is the motor spinning when the CDP is on pause? 
how long can you leave a CDP on 'pause'?
presumably, if the motor is working, that would shorten its lifespan - especially if I left it on pause for hours at a time. 
Why can't all/most recordings be this good?
not everyone's cup of tea (it's 'artsy'), but Laurie Anderson's 'Life on a String' (nonesuch) is one of my favorite 'demo' CDs - astonishing sound for 'redbook'. 
Use of TV antenna for Tuner
it should work just fine. even better if it has a rotor to adjust for different stations. you might check its grounding if you're in an area with lots of lightning. 
What gives? CD’s, Solid State?
you might try leaving the CD player on repeat for a day, let it rest a day, then do it again, until you've logged something like 200 hours. it might make a big difference. also: are you leaving the CD player on all the time? (some CDPs don't need ... 
Vibraphone recommendations?
not 'newer', but have you checked out Walt Dickerson? ('to my queen' may be my favorite of his) 
Just a question.
from what I gathered at a demo I saw a while back, you can buy (cheap) programs that will allow you to operate your computer or HD using your cell phone as a kind of remote. you might want to look into that... 
Tube newb, what to do?
don't leave the amp on to burn in the tubesyes, the KT88s will sound better after they're burned in - something like 100 hoursdon't worry so much about 'babying'. the cool thing about tube amps (besides how good they sound...) is that they don't r... 
Uses for "tape-out" on a preamp
if your digital recorder accepts analog signal you could use it for that. 
So, What is the Verdict on the Beatles Box Sets?
I'm sure the 48/192 downloads they'll be selling in a few years will smoke the current CDs. my cynical self sees this as marketing: the boomers, the biggest market for the Beatles, are good for one last milking (as in buying expensive box sets) be... 
other speaker cable, what to buy
if you're happy with what you have, why not just shorten them? 
I would like some feedback on a int. amp
rogue cronus! 
Stylus wear question...
the only way to tell is to look at the stylus under a microscope - wear that may be damaging your LPs could easily be inaudible. 
How to listen to the Beatles re-releases?
my $0.02: the best albums are Rubber Soul, Revolver, Abbey Road, the White Album, Let It Be. the next 'tier' is Help and A Hard Day's Night. the real early stuff is fun and all, but nowhere near the middle and later periods. Anthologies 2 & 3 ... 
Need cartridge advice for an LP12
I have an LP12/ekos/lingo setup and a CAT pre. I have used several Benz cartridges and liked them all. I currently have a 'S M' and it's my favorite so far. probably a bit over your budget though...