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Mirage Omnisats: No traffic, no reviews?
I just installed a pair and was pleasantly surprised.. they sound very good (for the price) .. obviously they need a sub, I have them in a surround configuration and crossed over at 80hz. Good midrange and they are really not position sensitive...... 
Virtual Dynamics Power Cord: Signature vs. Nite
stbhornCall rick and test it out.. needs 2 weeks to break in for a good demoworth a test .. its free, the audition that is !Matt 
Proceed PMDT DVD CD transport
HAd issues at the start but at the end with the new updated transport and Progressive upgrade.. this PMDT product was top drawer !Still best DVD player I ever seen.. colors , picture..For audio .. its based on the Mark LEvinson Transport, the No. ... 
Woofer damage from new Star Wars THX DVD?
sounds like you have a similar setup as me.. apart that I have Wilsons. What I did was buy two subs (left and Right) and put the main on a cross-over at 40hz.I rather blow my subs then main speakers... BTW.. my Subs bottomed out at one point in th... 
Audio equipment photo collection open for viewing
ummm.. tried says Sorry, your username and password are incorrect.maybe overflow ... :)Matt 
Pierre Gabriel cables
I looked at the web page.. they seem decent.. I did not notice if they do XLR configurations .. the web page only states RCA WBT ..??Matt 
Which components knocked you out on first listen?
Jeez.. Mike.. you make it sound so appetizing and makes one go rush out and demos these items .. being 2 hrs from Montreal.. I have to go test these Tenors.. I have to also find a pair of those Kharmas !.. but I do not think there are Canadian dea... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
Niel Finn's " Fall at your Feet" and "In your eyes" Peter GabrielMatt 
What companies have gone above and beyond?
Madrigal (specifically Proceed and Mark Levinson) as well as HalcroMatt 
Virtual Dynamics Power Cord: Signature vs. Nite
I have both.. I found the Nite PC to be totally different then the previous PC VD put out.. not sure.. The Signature always follewed the same path that most of the VD cables would do and that is the higher end you go the more detail you got. That ... 
OK, best speakers for 2500 USED......
ProAcs, Response 2.5.. ! ..great detail and sound 
Audio Aero Capitole MK II: Performance & Problems
Hi LallI think I have either P2 or P3, never had any problems, Im just curious, Mejames mentions a way to adjust the is that done ?thanksMatt 
Balanced lines use three wires with the outside wire being a shield around the inside two. The inside two wires are thus shielded from external RF.Unbalanced audio lines use just two wires, there is no shield. The signalpasses down the two wires u... 
high-end vs. ultra high-end amplifiers
again and again... the sounds you get from an amp, being SS or tube is often distinguished by its capability, components and application. Its a known fact that some to many tube amps sound so lush and detailed to the point I said while listening "... 
Shawn Colvin anyone?
Peter D, the Sessions Vol 1 is the DVD version I have and she does a track on that DVD..BTW, that whole DVD is exceptional !Matt