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ML 335 vrs ML 336
I initially had a 335 in my place and then brought in a 336, believe it or not, there was a difference in dynamics. The 336 allowed my Wilsons to open up a bit more. I also found that the sound was much fuller at low volumes.. Just my opinion...Ma... 
Talon Raven ... not much info.. anyone ?
thanks for the response Mike.. I heard this form other folks.. Matt 
New Rogue Zeus
Heard it at CES and was very impressed .. especially for an amp at below $6000. I believe the amp will be on display at the Montreal Son Et Image in late March.The unit itself is 250 WPC in Ultralinear mode and 150 WPC operating in triode (class A... 
Anyone with experience on the PS Audio XStream IC
I have an RCA version and is well built and well constructed. I still prefer the MC2 from Zen but the xStream has a home in my systemMatt 
AA Capitole users: how many run balanced xlr ?
Ditto .. I have a pair of Stealth M-7s to a switch box and a 33ft pair going to my amps..I tried a pair of RCAs and I got a slight hum.. thanks..Matt 
How to combine 2ch int amp with HT
Take a peak at what I did : is my web page.. I requested in the summer JenaLabs to build me and good quality XLR switch box.. This allows my Aero Audio Capitole MK II to go directly to my Halcros. With a flick ... 
Audio Aero Capitole MKII
Thanks for the great instructions !.. worked like a charm.. I initially thought I was replacing a P2 chip with a P4, but I received a 3.1 ?.. has all the features listed.. maybe a minor difference.. I also want to add that I had no issues witht he... 
Room setup with watt puppy 6
hummm.. ok, whatever... some people are obviously experts.. takes a trained Wilson guy half a day to set Wilson speakers... Voicing and positioning.. It I were to spend that kind of money(which I did) I would want them setup by a pro.BTW.. Its man... 
Room setup with watt puppy 6
You heard right !.. they are very dependant on positioning..My recommendation is to have a local Wilson dealer setup the speakers.. they use a technique that really pays off. 
Heard about the New 2003 Madrigal Warranty?
Its called revenue generation.. but the product is Solid..Matt 
Our 2003 Las Vegas CES and T.H.E. Show Report
Great report..I was also there and have to also agree with your top picks.. unreal sonic presentation in the Tenor/Kharma/AA Capitole room.. Well done JTINN and thanks to Mike Lavigne for his emergency shipment to make that room possible.. I loved... 
2003 CES Show Report from Father & Son Audio
Oh.. I also want to add that I was really impressed with the new Rogue Tube Amp.. was smooth and detailed and from what I was told pretty affordable.. they may have a winner !Thanks again for the pics..FS_audio !Matt 
2003 CES Show Report from Father & Son Audio
just a clarification.. When I spoke to Jean Paul at AA he told me that the Audio Aero Prestige Universal Player would be $15,000. Availability would 2-3 monthsthanks...Matt 
Joe Strummer RIP
Sad .. end of a great great era and good part of my disfunctional youth which I loved !Matt 
Audio Aero Capitole MK II: Performance & Problems
Are you asking to get a digital output from a playing CD on the MKII ?.. didn't know that was possible, I thought only the Digital input of whatever other source is upsampled and then outputted via the BNC digital output..BNC is used because its t...