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experience with adona equipment racks?
I bought an Adona Nemesis III and am very happy with it. Paul Lemanski is a pleasure to deal with.Oz 
What are your favorite monitors?
Where is WarrenH when you need him????????..........................Oz 
Is the big sound from the big names?
Warren,I am sure you love your speakers. In fact, I am sure ALL of us know you do. But just in case anybody missed it, what speakers do you own and how do you feel about them?.........just once more.....please......pretty please. 
Opinions greatly appreciated
If you purchased the Creek new from a dealer, maybe he will take it back for the OBH-8. Worth a try.I doubt you will find a better cartridge in that price range. If you can stretch it by a couple hundred dollars, there are a few choices. But I agr... 
more punch/presence from Meadowlark Shearwaters
I had the HR Shearwater for a brief period and I could not get them to sound right in my room. What you describe is similar to what I heard, but there was also a glare in the upper midrange that was present all the time. This didn't change no matt... 
How many years before MP3 becomes king?
Doesn't really matter. It will never surpass vinyl.Oz 
CD player recs under $2000 to replace Jolida
I think Mijknarf has a good point. So far, I have compared the Jolida to three digital front ends. One being my old Theta Data Basic II/ Audionote 1.1 rig, a Cal Audio Delta/Sigma combo and the stock BAT VK-D5. I preferred the Jolida to varying de... 
When adding rubber isolator feet to CD player
Gotta agree with Warren. The Sistrum SP-1 was an incredible improvement in the performance of my Jolida. Not subtle at all.Oz 
CDP question?
I've got to recommend the Jolida JD 100a. A very nice player which takes quite a few hours to break in, and some good tubes and isolation to sound it's best. But when it all comes together, it's hard to believe the sonics of this player for the pr... 
Jolida JD 100 or Njoe Tjoeb 4000, which one?
Yes, that is correct. I did only the lid. That seemed to give it much more structural integrity, a dull thump when you whack on the player at any angle.Oz 
Jolida JD 100 or Njoe Tjoeb 4000, which one?
For abb@cs.comGo to any decent specialty car audio shop to find Dynamat, or something like it. It is typically used to line trunks and door panels.BTW, I HATE the way the Agon forum doesn't allow you to directly answer a particular post. Just line... 
Differences in Jolida JD-100's?
Ketchup,The Sovteks are weak in the midrange, which is a trait of this tube in any application. The EH tubes retained the top and bottom extension while filling out the midrange nicely. I am a stickler for the human voice, if it ain't right, I don... 
Differences in Jolida JD-100's?
You should get a pair of the Electro Harmonix 12AX7s. My Jolida had Sovteks in it too, but the EH tubes brought it around in a big way. And dampening the chasis is a good idea too.Oz 
What's the most anolog sounding CDP
I listen to about 85-90% vinyl. But I have had a Jolida JD100A for a couple of weeks now and have been furiously revisiting my forgotten discs. No, it ain't vinyl, but it does have a very analog-like presentation. Ignore the budget price and give ... 
Jolida JD 100 or Njoe Tjoeb 4000, which one?
I might as well chime in on this one, seeing as how you are seriously being ignored by the rest of the Goners.I have never heard the Njoe Tjoeb, but I did recently buy a stock Jolida JD 100. I damped the inside with Dynamat, put in some Electro Ha...