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Every so often it happens ...
I don't post much these days but your music is great! Can't sound bad on anything! 
Which components are "stupid good"?
Norh SE 9. Good luck trying to find one. 
Amp more important than speakers?
Here we go again! 
Any info on the new Mccormack DNA 250?
Again any updates on this topic? 
SS amps for VSA VR4jr
Srosenberg, Good point but I've got no experience with the VR4jr and I'm not sure how the Pass would work with them. I was posting this thread for the advise of those who have these speakers and have tried many amps so as I wouldn't get on another... 
Gill Audio Alana vs First Sound preamps
First Sound all the way! The Art Audio is good but not in the same league as the First Sound. Not even close. 
YG Acoustics vs. Avantgarde Duo series comparison?
Kudos Brawny. It seems their is always some wise guy who knows all. I know now what the true meaning of HIFi. I guess his preference should be our reference! 
Another Inexpensive Monitor Thread, $300 used
There are some nice MB Quarts for sale that would work very nice. 
Gerry Rafferty dies
God Bless you Chadnliz. I was a hopeless drunk once but thanks to God and support from a lot of caring souls who did not have your attitude I made it. Now I own my own business and am living very comfortably. I hope you never have to deal with add... 
Gerry Rafferty dies
Kudos! Blindjim, Man I have a whole new respect for you as I'm a recovering alcoholic. This October will be 10 years sober for me. People can really show their true colors when it comes to an addiction discussion. Like you said one can never under... 
Ultralinear vs. Triode vs. SET
SETs are where it's at! With the right speaker SETs are the reference. My favorite is a 45 SET. Playing through my Cardersound Madisons with the planet 10 fostex is very nice.You'll notice much more detail,staging will be accurate with each record... 
Wyred for Sound DAC 2 or Peachtree Nova
Well, I agree it's a mystery. The proof is in the listening. Even listening in the 16/44 radio streaming is better. Don't get caught up in the numbers and such. Just listen! 
Mapletree Audio versus Decware preamps
Nice! I'm in the same boat as you. I've had all big player preamps before and found that no preamp seemed best to me in a simple SET system. Less wire,less coloration,etc. But, now I've come full circle(again)and would like to try a simple tube ci... 
Wyred for Sound DAC 2 or Peachtree Nova
Mingles, I did replace the Bel Canto with the W4S Dac. It's no contest between the two. I really didn't expect as much of a difference as I found. Without going into a lot of hoopla, let's just say that the W4S bettered the Dac 3 in every category... 
Mapletree Audio versus Decware preamps
Pubul57, Have you received this yet?