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Just got the PS Audio Perfectwav DAC -- Amazing
Mrtennis, 3335.5 hours and you'll be there! 
How do the Magnepan 1.7's sound
Butt kidding in high end audio! Huhm, I mean butt kissing, does that really go on? 
Question on tube rolling with Melody I2A3....
Simple, Shuguang 2A3C! From Pacific Valve. 
Saw the Gregg Allman band last night.
Alpass "Laidback" is a must have! 
The closest approach: what amplification?
SET all the way! 
Will Thiel 3.7 Outriggers work on other speakers?
Will a Ford part fit a Chevy? 
Best bourbon?
Booker's then Knob Creek. Beam's Choice if money is tight. 
Accuphase e202 hissing sound on right chanel.
Put your right foot in,put your right foot out and you do the hooky pookey! Maybe rub your belly and pat your head at the same time! 
Rock Lps that never made it to Cd.....
Joe Walsh "There goes the neighborhood" 
HDMI vs analog
FWIW, HDMI is analog. 
western north carolina-still looking
I'm in West Jefferson. Would love to get together. 
Zu Essence vs Devore Nine vs Maggies
Tvad, The speaker you need to hear is the Gemme's. Any of them. They're exactly what your looking. 
New Beatles remasters
As much as I'm blown away by these cds. The Sgt.Peppers is the one I'm most impressed with the sonic improvement. Abbey Rd is better but not to the extent of Peppers! Just unbelievable. What blows my mind is that we as music/Beatles lovers had to ... 
New Beatles remasters
I've just gotten three stereo re masters. Abbey Rd,White Album, and Peppers well, right off the bat the music is much more dynamic. All the bands voices and be heard when they harmonize. Paul's bass playing is unbelievable! Much richer and the mus... 
MIT Shotgun Question.
Well, You'll be sorry in the long run. Problem is, your MITs are far superior to your amp and preamp. Your MITs are letting you really hear your preamp and amp.