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Wyred Dacs--Thoughts?
DAC 2 
Wyred Dacs--Thoughts?
Well hearing is believing! I got this DAC to see(hear) what the buzz was about. To say I'm impressed would be an understatement. Blown away is more like it. Go get one and be amazed is all I can say. 
Thought on OTL tube amps
I'm sorry, but OTLs can't begin to match SET amps on the right speakers. That being OTLs on the right speaker as well. 
unison research smart 845
Try it! You might be surprised! A friend used a 845 SET to drive Aerial 7Bs which are 86db and are notorious for being hard to drive. It sounded great. 
New Tom Petty
I'm real impressed that T.P. can put out his own blues without covering all the past stuff.It may not be perfect but he sure ain't scared to give it a try and that's what I like about it. It's refreshing and new. I've always been a Tom Petty fan s... 
Wyred for Sound DAC 2 or Peachtree Nova
Let me know your findings. 
Forgot to mention. Slaw if you like Mark K. and Chet. Get some JJ Cale. His latest "Roll on" and "Road to Escondido" are great as well. 
LOL! I find it a real treat when people get so excited over music that I've loved for years. I agree with Ponnie on all records. My least favorite Mark K. is his latest release "Get Lucky". Just can't seem to warm up to it. Sometimes it tkaes a wh... 
New music
I have to agree that the Patty Griffin "Downtown Church" is a great new release. Patty has always been a favorite of mine. Haven't heard the new S. Lynne. 
Jeff Beck - Emotion & Commotion?
It's excellent! For sound quality and material. Some of Jeff's best work in years. I'm a big J.B. fan. He's one of the most underrated guitarist I know of. 
SCHEMATIC for Sophia S.E.T. EL-34 amp
LOL! Will, you can forget it! Sophia Electric,Washington High end or whatever will not be reasonable to deal with. Some of there amps are modified in the US Chinese products and some are made here from scratch in the USA. They're not anything spec... 
Sophia 300B vs Jeff Korneff 45 Amp
My experience is that power kills. The 45 or the 50 tube is the best output tube for SETs. You just have to have the right speaker. High efficiency,low driver count,benign impedance and the 45 will walk the dog! 
Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts?
Ah yes, a late night on Hillsborough St. NC State had just won the NCAA championship and Raleigh was wide open. What's that I hear in the background? "Nuts, hot nuts get from your peanut man" 
Van Halen or Van Hagar
Van Halen! I"I don't feel tardy" 
Grant Green's version of 'Round About Midnight
Every time I hear the name Grant Green. I also think of Ronnie Earl. Ronnie is another great guitarist. I don't think he does a version of this song,but Ronnie is in the same league as Grant.