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Technics SL-1800 mk2
@boothroyd  Thanks for that.  Seems like pretty much the same specs as the 1200 but obviously not the same machine.  The 1800mk2 is $500 on CL.  Original MSRP of $300.  LOL  
Magnepan LRS in the house!
Yes, nice job @rbertalotto.  I am not a metalworker but do enjoy woodworking in my small basement shop.  So, I'm going to use some sturdy oak for my stands.  I don't think the angles in your design will work with wood though.  We'll see   
Do You Tell Others How Much You Have Invested in Your System?
@northman   Very funny! Geez I would be delighted if anybody even knew about my hobby.  Let alone ask any questions about it!  🤣  
Magnepan LRS in the house!
Great story, and great speakers!  Really one of the best values out there IMO.  I was lucky enough to find a near mint set locally a couple of years ago.  Running them with a Hegel h360 and and Rel T9x sub.  Sounds great to my ears.  Looking forwa... 
Static attack! Time to get the humidifiers going
@dekay Yes, it does take some practice.  But, by George, I think I've got it!  So what is your preference, the wool or rubber?  My Rega has felt (is that wool?) but I've been considering trying cork or something else.  I think the felt holds a lot... 
Static attack! Time to get the humidifiers going
@mikelavigne Thanks for the product recommendations.  I will look into them.  As far as the Zstat doing 💩 goes, I was never sure it was doing anything either.  But, this little arm swing attraction thing of the dust brush kinda proves it for me.  ... 
Geez, not again.😭  
Anything close to Hegel H360 but smaller/lighter?
Well, I can vouch for the h360 being a great amp.  I just love the way it drives my LRS and old Snells.  But putting it in a suitcase and shlepping it onto a plane?  I would not be into that.  Unless you are young, of above average strength, and h... 
Looking at a used Nuprime IDA- 8 integrated.
Thanks soix and jjss49.  It's on local CL for $500.  I don't think I can go wrong!  As long as it checks out of course.  
Is blasphemous Music ok?
Hmmmm, lots of spirited discussion from an obvious(?) trolling post.  I too am surprised this thread has not gone totally off the rails yet.   +1 with whoever said it's best to keep this site about audio and music.  I have pretty strong opinions o... 
what’s a song cover that you think is better than the original?
+1 Jeff Buckley's version of Hallelujah.  Cohen might be a great writer, but can't take his singing!  I love me some Simon and Garfunkel but Yes doing America is great IMO.  
On the prog train - a Big Big one
@roxy54  Yes, a shame indeed.  Great voice, great singer.  I agree, like Gabriel at times but a much stronger voice.  Hope you enjoy!   
Anybody watch Steve Huff audio on the Tube?
Energy speakers
+1 travelinjack Back in the day maybe 15 yrs ago when I was auditioning speakers I almost bought a pair of Energy towers.  Don't remember the model.  Then I found a pair of used Snell Type D for half the price and never looked back.  Listening to... 
Anybody watch Steve Huff audio on the Tube?
Not sure if he does that with the review gear or not.  But, after seeing his laughable "spirit box" (I'm sure you need ultra high end interconnects to actually get it to work) and paranormal shysterism I don't doubt it for a moment.  And thus my p...