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Another Golden Ear test.
Geez, is there alcohol involved in many posts lately?  I think I need some more whiskey to catch up to the OP.  
What was your first record?
Cheap Trick Live at Budokan Played on my ultra low end TT/8 track combo unit.  Can't remember the brand to save my soul!  
Taxation using PP G&S
Thanks for all of the responses.  You guys are great.  Sounds like with the small time stuff I deal with there should be no problems.   Regards  
Does it make sense to "ignore low ball offers"?
If the offer is not totally low-balled I will usually try to negotiate.  But, I always respond just to be polite.  Are low-ballers a PITA?  Sure, but being polite is pretty easy.  I always try to remember and take the high road so to speak.   Cas... 
Odyssey Audio Kismet Mono Blocks
@soix  Thanks for the info.  I will look into Liberty.  
Matching the cartridge to the phono stage
@ajones82  I was like you a couple of years ago.  Wanted to get into vinyl again but had no idea.  Back in the day I just put a record on and dropped the needle!  Never knew there was so much to learn.  Still don't know much about the specs, numb... 
Are Sales Down
If my recent experience is any indication, I'd say sales are indeed down.  I've had an ARC tube pre listed for 5 months now.  Really, all I've had is low-ballers.  ARC gear usually goes pretty quickly and for decent prices as far as I've seen over... 
Odyssey Audio Kismet Mono Blocks
@soix  That is always a great question isn't it.  I enjoy imaging and soundstaging overall I think.  Instrument separation and air/space always puts a smile on my face.  That's probably why I prefer tubes.  My Rogue tube amp/pre combo is the best... 
Odyssey Audio Kismet Mono Blocks
Thanks for the replies.  Wow if the Odysseys are a little smoother up top that would be something!  One of the best attributes about the Hegel, IMO, is the smooth presentation.  I would have to sell the Hegel to purchase the Kismets.  Something I'... 
Speaker upgrade for Primaluna EVO 300 - Looking to find some audio nirvana bliss!
@soix  Man I wish those Devores were in Chicago.  I'd probably jump on them!    
Thinking of Magnepan ... finally!
@arafiq  Lots of great info here already.  I'll just chime on to say go for it.  I just put my LRS back into the mix.  Whenever I do this, at first I am not really impressed.  Going from a box speaker (in this case Snell type D) my first thought ... 
Decware and “The List”
I would love to check out some Decware gear.  Missed a local used phono stage not long ago.  The seller said if I had reached out a half hour earlier it would have been mine!  Kicking myself, but not too hard.  🤔 It sounds like they have a great ... 
what to do with a stereo that needs repair
@bosendev  Sounds like your tech is not the most confident.  If it's out of warranty why would you need an authorized tech anyway?  I will ask the same question others have - where are you located?  If near Chicago I have a great guy who can fix... 
2023 AXPONA Show Report
bubba12, I agree totally.  I've been twice now and really looking forward to this year.  Trying to make it 2 days but we'll see about that.  You have to realize you are not going for critical listening.  Just go and have a good time and marvel at ... 
LP Cleaning Services
@mahler123  Good info to know.  I might reach out to Pure grooves.  How would you rate the experience, service, and cleaning?