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what are your top "audio bargins" in your system history?
In my admittedly small amount of gear over the past ten years or so I would have to say the near new Maggie LRS I picked up for $550 a few years ago.  Even at retail they are a fantastic deal IMO.    
Is Imaging Worth Chasing?
@paul6002  When I heard the LS50 I thought the imaging was their strong point.  IMO imaging is mostly about the room and setup.  When I treated the first reflection points in my room it really helped imaging no matter what speakers I use.  Also, ... 
Anyone care to share their opinion of the Vandersteen 2ce sig mkII?
@gdnrbob  Not engaging might be a good way to put it.  To my ears at least.  I do have the Vandy stands and tried various tilt angles as I moved them. In my past experience I've not heard much difference with bi-wiring.  Granted, that could be di... 
Anyone care to share their opinion of the Vandersteen 2ce sig mkII?
Thanks to all for their suggestions.  It is appreciated!  Below is my reply to JohnnyR over at Audioconnection who was kind enough to contact me directly.  It pretty much sums everything up.    Unfortunately, no bi-wire cables in house at the mo... 
AUDIO SCIENCE REVIEW and $50 to spend.........
It’s hilarious how everyone forgot about poor digitalvipers very important trolling post to rant about ASR! 😂😂😂    
Canton Karat M30 DC anyone?
@mhester1  Sorry, never bought them  
VANDERSTEEN model 2CE Signature...or ...SNELL Type D ?
@rocky1313  Hey Rocky, did you end up keeping the Snell Type D?  I have a pair of Vandy 2ce sig II in my room right now and have been comparing them to my Type D.  Man it is a tough decision.  I like the Vandy imaging but they seem a bit 'dry' fo... 
Feets Don’t Fail Me Now
I know some people just can't help themselves but can we all try harder to keep this site about audio.  Really, it shouldn't be that hard. WTF  
LP Cleaning Services
@mahler123  I've enquired about the drop offs at Val's and OP Records before and both said that don't really do it anymore.  Have you spoken with Pure-grooves?  
LP Cleaning Services
@mahler123  Check out Pure-Grooves in Berwyn.  US cleaning for $5 per record with volume discounts.  No affiliation - yet.  I have been meaning to give them a try as they are very close to me.      
Preamp comparison - Rogue Perseus and ARC LS25 MKII
@mulveling  You don't see the Athena or Hera for sale often.  If I did I might grab one.  I have been very curious about the RP series.  There was one local that I almost bought but snoozed on it.  But, it sounds like you are saying that the newe... 
Preamp comparison - Rogue Perseus and ARC LS25 MKII
@audphile1  Yes, you are most likely correct.  Not sure if new tubes are going to give me the warmth and bloom I'm looking for though.  We'll see. Thanks  
Preamp comparison - Rogue Perseus and ARC LS25 MKII
@audphile1  That's a great question.  I'll have to open it up and take a look.  I was too anxious to get it in the system and start listening and didn't open it up!  According to the previous owner they should be stock.  No idea how many hours. ... 
Preamp comparison - Rogue Perseus and ARC LS25 MKII
Thanks all for the replies.  @overthemoon  I have thought about some new tubes for the Perseus in the past.  You've just reminded me!  Like I said, it would be great to keep the fullness and richness - bloom I guess it is - with just a touch mor... 
Don’t buy used McCormack DNA 1990s amps
@stevemcx  Thanks for chiming in here.  I've enjoyed your recent vids with Audiophile junkie. After your initial post I thought my 0.5 was off the hook!  Oh well.  It is over 20 yrs old after all.  I will have to get it back in the system soon a...