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impact of room treatment
I was using also Acoustic Revive products panels with very good results in my room for different set ups. Easy to place and very good looking wall treatment...they are stand or hang, so you can try them on any wall. 
Upgrade path the same for cables ?
i will recommend you to try Yamamura longer made, but you can sometimes see them here used. I use these cables as my reference for many years now and did not found any better yet....My friend has also Maggies and he also uses Yamamura... 
K2HD/24bit cds from Japan
I have a couple and these are very good....also I am buying the mentioned SHM discs too. Very much as SACD sound and even better..... 
Speakers and system for compressed recordings?
I said it somewhere else on the forums, but that is why I have Reel To Reel, LP, CD, Sacd....each era has its own sound and media to be played you need more ONE system can do it. 
Preamp for Mark Levinson 23.5
as Doug99 suggested, I would stay with ML.....the 38/380 series will give you also the remote. I like the older generations better (ML 6,ML7....) 
difference beetwen pc audio and hi-end?
well, even my Marantz CD7 sounds better them any computer audio I had/have..... 
Natural, musical, dynamic phono preamp 700 used
Hi Jeremy72 I have a bad news for you.....your budget is too low for what you are expecting..... 
My audiophile take on the symphony last night.
I never had hifi system better then live event......lucky you! 
for Bill Evans fan
Undercurrents....and also Bill Evan's Trio at Shelly"s Manne-Hole...... 
Tannoy Kensington Se vs. Sonus Faber Cremona M
I would go for the SF even if I like the Tannoy better, but I listen a lot to classical music.....the Cremona is more "modern" sounding and will go very well with your amplification! 
What would you upgrade next if you had my hifi ?
I would upgrade the cables...especially the interconnects..... 
does a stylus retip makea cartridge as good as new
agree with Stringreen....if possible I would use the original manufacturer for all the servicing....the re-tip is just tip. 
Why aren't the older members still active ?
I am member from 1999......sometimes I get tired from repeating..... 
What is the best Reel To Reel machine ever built?
I use Sony TC 765 for all my replay....not the super machine, but very good sound and build to last....... 
Turntable advice-thorens questions
520/521 were not that "cheap"....the build is not the 60ties(aka 124) but there was something of the Thorens "magic" in the sound.....the best "Thorens" was the EMT cross EMT 928......