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Are there any Violin or Cello players out there?
To Shadorne, seems like you may live in BC as I do. I'm not supporting what the violinist said, and I don't wish to start an argument-I respect your opinion; however it is "very" well known and fully accepted by those in the know that there is a h... 
what is the best power cable for the dCS Puccini
For crystal clear dynamic sound a PC that will enhance digital isolation, power factor and AC power conditioning. Think upper end MIT; at least Magnum AC2. Enjoy;I envy you. 
Which cable has most impact - IC, Spkr., power?
I will suggest your power cords. Digital unit 1st, then the pre, finally the amp. Starting out with the least possible distortion will give you the best bang for your investment in my experience. 
Schematic available??
Hi Joe, I thought this is "15 yr old"--ancient-- technology that probably was well known. From the scant replies on this thread that assumption was incorrect. I thought for sure someone would have opened one up & figured it out. 
MIT Z Stabilizer ll ? operation ??
Larryi, it sounds like you have some knowledge in the area.(inductive or capacitive loads- is like Greek to me)You mention yours has a switch-which means it is the older 1st series. Have you the ability to peak inside and perhaps discuss your find... 
MIT Z Stabilizer ll ? operation ??
Thanks for your input Joe Abrams. Your comments on power factor correction make complete sense as the dynamics of the music are certainly improved with its use. However, in addition, I'm experiencing very significant improvement in the clarity, de... 
MIT Z Stabilizer ll ? operation ??
Thanks Drjoe, you're right about Joe but because he has a business to run I prefer not to trouble him. I'm hoping there are some techie types reading. 
Try out a Lexicon RT-20 for $1000, spend extra funds on AC conditioning- you will blow away any $2500 machine. 
DAC vs. New CDP
Biggest improvement you can make is to isolate & condition the AC feeding your cdp; feel free to ask for details. How's the AC to your preamp? Same story-double up & be amazed. Good luck 
Revel Salon 2 vs. Revel Studio 2
Smart choice. 
Best cable for short monoblock runs?
Easy. Guy one used MIT Oracle lll. Cut it in half & reterminate the new end. Exceptional... 
Watt Puppy that much of an improvement?
Stvrvin,I like those rock artists as well. I believe you'll enjoy your music much more through the Wilson's. But you've still got a great system now. Happy listening. 
Revel Salon 2 vs. Revel Studio 2
Re your bass. You don't need tube traps "all over the room".Some carefully placed furniture & decor can make a world of difference. Most rooms I see have far to little furniture in them. Furniture is a friend -ni=ot a foe- in getting good soun... 
Watt Puppy that much of an improvement?
Your system is wonderful. based on my personal experience with B&W the Wilsons will be more dynamic and I think your system will definitely be more musical and exciting. The higher sensitivity of the Wilsons are to your benefit as well. What k... 
Trade offs?
Wireless200, I'm with you on that; and luckily, lots of 'musicality' comes through most stereo systems. Many of us Audiogoners are just into refining the playback quality for ever increasing our enjoyment and feel of the music.