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Best Jazz of 2010
I would add Nick Bartsch's Ronin - Llyria to the list 
Dumb question? WHAT IS YOUR SEAT/ CHAIR?
Zero Gravity Perfect Chair from Relax the back store - I love ithttp://www.relaxtheback.com/recliners/zero-gravity/human-touch-power-perfect-chair-pc-95.html 
Integrated tube amp for 91db open baffle speakers
Thanks, The PrimaLuna line looks like one I should add to my list.The Audio Note at 18wpc is only half of what the speaker designer recommends, and both the Rogues and Manley don't pass the WAFI tried to buy Nickt's SLI-80, but someone beat me to ... 
How large is your music collection?
Right now (9/7/09) I have ~5800 CDs, and I usually buy one or two a week so it continues to grow. I consider it an investment into my future retirement. Not $, but something to keep me busy and happy during my retirement. BTW that's about 10 years... 
indie/alternative favorites
I'm liking the Eastern Euoropean/Gypsy stuff that several groups are doing:BeirutA Hawk and a HacksawDevotchka 
jazz/blues piano players
Try some boogie woogieI can recommend Sue Palmer and Wendy DeWitt 
Any love for the new Elvis Costello?
Hard to go wrong with Elvis Costello and the likes of this backing group - Jerry Douglas, Stuart Duncan and other notable studio musicians 
menahan street band...others digging this?
Yeah I've been diggin this for the last couple of years myself. You can also try Budos Band, Chicago Afrobeat Orchestra, Antibalas and a local (SF Bay Area) favorite of mine Albino. 
Name your favorite sax solo.
Didn't see John Klemmer, but didn't open every response. I personally like his work on Touch 
box to music ratio
Currently in the house:Equipment = $12K paid, $16K MSRPMedia = >$50K (>5,500 CDs and a few LPs) 
Best female vocals on CD
Just got a notice that Jennifer Warnes Famous Blue Raincoat is going to be re-released in a 30th Anniversary Special Edition on August 7th. Hope they don't screw it up and try to "add" to it in the remastering 
Enter The Haggis
I have two of there CDs, Soapbox Heros and Casualties of Retail, like em both and am going to start looking for the new one. Only wish they would tour on the West Coast. 
What is the one CD you can't find?
Harvey Mandel's Getting Off in ChicagoI even tried contacting his management company and the best I could get was a CDR that they recorded off of a LP that they had around.Another one that I have wanted, but has never been released is Stoneground'... 
Favorite driving music
Traffic - John Barleycorn Must Die - Freedom RiderJohn Mayall - Turning Point - CaliforniaAllman Brothers - Live at Filmore East - Memory of Elizabeth Reed 
Import CD Question
Ronreid - the tiles that you list (Stones and Santana) are available in remastered US versions that sound very good. Most of the Stones are also available in Hybrid SACD versions. I would be surprised if the regular Japanese sound better than thes...