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JBL L100 Century Crossover?
Dodger4, You mentioned that Parts Express sells a crossover upgrade from Jantzen for the JBL L100.  I do not find it on their site.  Is it a kit or are you just pricing this out by component based on Troels' crossover? 
What the *#$@ happened??
Hi Shawn,  Are you judging based on aural experience or based on sound reproduction?  You stated that with the new plinth you "hear more detail in the music, subtle nuances are more prevalent, better instrument separation, especially in complex ar... 
TTWeights closing their doors
There is really no comparable products on the market for center weights, periphery rings, turntable mats.  Yes, you will find other products.  However, they do not compare in design, craftsmanship, materials, universal fit, and value for price.  I... 
pro-ject tube box 2, vincent pho-8, jasmine LP2mk2
Hi Kombiguy,  I have had my modified Jasmine for over 5 years.  I am completely content with it.  I use a Denon SLS1 LOMC.  The Jasmine has a flat response and reproduces the music with great clarity across the whole sound spectrum.I don't know if... 
Help with Turntable/arm/cart decision
Take a look at PTP Audio (idler drive) and Transfi Audio's site (rim drive). I had a Rega P3, VPI TNT, and currently use a Lenco with a PTP top plate from PTP Audio. My current Lenco is vastly superior to the former (I use a VPI 12.5 tone arm and ... 
Favorite phono stage in the $500-$800 range?
One more vote for Jasmine LP 2, preferably with upgraded output capacitors (Jantzen Z-caps for additional $25). 
Ring Clamps. What do you think?
When the stylus traces the groove, it induces energy into the LP. Where is that energy going to go? If the LP is clamped tightly to the platter, the mass of the platter will absorb the energy. Without the platter to dissipate the energy, it is tra... 
Jean Nantais Reference Lenco Mk2 vs Mk3
I recommend looking at PTP Audio's website as another option for a pre-built modified Lenco. Peter Reinders has been custom designing top plates and bearings and rebuilding Lencos for a good number of years. His custom Lenco utilizes his PTP 5, an... 
Plinth for Thorens TD124
You can find some nicely crafted plinths on Ebay at reasonable prices for idler tables. Also visit Lenco Heaven and view the crafted works for Lencos and other turntables (Garrards, Gates, Russcos).I have a highly modified Lenco. If you are intere... 
Best DIY Phono Pre?
You should visit DIY Audio. If I recall correctly, they have a XONO kit or guide to building one. 
Wasn't this forum going to be updated?
"If it is not broken why fix it?" as the saying goes. This current set up has a simple and clean layout and easy to navigate.Why disparage the Audiogon staff? 
pro-ject tube box 2, vincent pho-8, jasmine LP2mk2
Hi Sbrownnw, I received you email and thought it useful enough to post the steps that I took to upgrade the Jasmine LP output capacitors. I copied this from my comments on the Amazon site under Salience/Jasmine.I am going from memory here.Use a so... 
Shelter 501 mkii then what now
Denon DL-S1. 
Suggestions for arm to replace VPI 12.7
Have you looked at the Transfi Terminator tone arm? Dave Garretson has one on his highly modified VPI TNT. Read some of his threads on the subject both here and on Audio Asylum. 
Any DAC comparable to my Linn Akurate CD ?
I have a Tascam DA3000 that has a USB input.