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VPI owners.......
Hi Slaw, Thank you for providing this simple and inexpensive method to leveling the platter. 
Denon DP6000 crackling noise: Need Help
Dear FastMick, Thank you for the advice. I wish I had those screws. When I drove it home, I tried to minimize the jostling of the transformer by putting pressure on the mounting screws. However, I could hear it occasionally clank against the under... 
Denon DP6000 crackling noise: Need Help
Hi Lew, If you still have the parts list, I would be interested to know the replacement numbers of the transistors. Even if you do not have the corresponding OEM part number, it would be a reference for me.Based on the Japanese site that I referen... 
Denon DP6000 crackling noise: Need Help
This is what I have found: The transistors used in the Denon DP6000 are 2SC458. They are notoriously noisy. The recommended replacements, among many are KSC1845, BC549, BC550.The articles from AudioKarma related to repairs for noisy amplifiers. Th... 
Denon DP6000 crackling noise: Need Help
Hi ZD, Yes. The noise is an electrical noise that emanates from the motor compartment. It is not a noise reproduced through the audio chain. 
Most demanding passages for a turntable & system
I also use Sheffield's Drum Record, especially the side with Jim Keltner. Compare your listening experience with that of the liner notes. If your system doesn't match up, then, your system has a weakness.I also play Mozart's 2 piano concerto. If I... 
How do you tame a Denon DL-S1?
CFLUX, I only tried 2 of the settings on my Jasmine with the DL-S1 (50 ohms and 100 ohms). I prefer the setting of 100 ohms. It is very clean and open sounding. There is no gain setting on my Jasmine 2.0. 
Which part of my turntable system should I upgrade
Toxicwaterfront, I have a Sony PS-X7 that I might plan on selling. You can read the reviews of the deck on the Vintage Knob and Vinyl Engine. Speed is rock solid and I have made upgrades to silver/OFC for the interconnects and headshell wires. 
Buying A Cartridge Direct From Japan
Does anyone have a direct source in Japan for purchasing Denon cartridges for less than Comet Supply? If so, please provide source. 
has anyone had any problems w/ Jasmine phono LP2.0
The improvement that the Jantzen Superior z-caps made to the phono also accomplished a similar feat when I replaced the coupling caps on my speakers for the tweeters. It cost a few hundred dollars. But it was a marked improvement. 
has anyone had any problems w/ Jasmine phono LP2.0
Dear Nandric, I am pleased you gave the Janzten Superior z-caps a try and provided the feedback. The silly thing is the enormous performance upgrade for €25. The Jasmine is a real gem. I wish you all the best. 
I use Wenol (pronounced veenol) on aluminum, brass, copper, steel, cast iron. The results provide a high-polished finish with little effort. Even with handling, oxidation is slower to return than with other polishes that I have used. 
Galibier Teres Redpoint tape drive "LENGTH"?
Here is a method for increasing tape traction without increasing lateral forces on the motor's pulley 
What brand did you leave Rega for?
I upgraded to a used VPI TNT from Rega 3. The sound reproduction was dramatically more accurate. Though, I now have a vintage DD Luxman PD121 with a replacement mat (TTweights), and a maple arm board. The vintage DDs are very precise when it comes... 
has anyone had any problems w/ Jasmine phono LP2.0
I have the older Jasmine and I have to place my ear about a foot away to hear a faint hum. When I retreat a few feet it is quiet.