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SP-10 Mat
The goal of the TT is to have the stylus trace the groove accurately. So, the analogous question to ask is, is it easier to walk on a vibrating floor or a stable one?Your TT is the source for sonic information. If you desire to hear what is truly ... 
Tascam DA3000: Analog to Digital Recording
Hi Crna39, Thank you for your response and the comparison to the Korg MR2000S (I had been considering that unit for the past year.)Do you recommend a particular software for editing the tracks on a PC or Mac?I have a separate phono amp (Jasmine LP... 
Replacing Turntable RCA cables
For RCA plugs, Onix 70024 from Parts ConneXion. They have a solid copper pin. For coaxial cable, 28 or 30 gauge silver over copper with teflon insulation from 
looking at 2 phono pre amps
Take a look at the Jasmine LP2 and read some of the reviews here on Audiogon. Out of the box, the unit is a high performer. Upgrade the output caps with Jantzen Superior z-caps, and you should have no reason to look for another pre.I run mine with... 
Cartridge rec.'s for Denon DP-60l
Cjeharnish, With regard to a phono section, read up on the Jasmine LP ($500 thru Amazon or Ebay). I use this with a Denon DL-S1 ($500 from Comet Supply or $800 from Galen-Carol). You won't be disappointed and you will have a chunk of money left in... 
tonearm parameters
Take a look at the Transfi-Terminator tonearm and read some of the reviews on Audiogon and AudioAsylum. 
Explain Digital Basics to an Analog person
Minorl, Thank you for the explanation. I don't have any digital equipment. I have a very good, albeit budgeted, analog system. I would want a DAC and CD transport (I don't care about video) of equal level.I have read about the Korg MR2000S. Would ... 
Upgrade: Turntable or Cartridge?
Take a look at the reviews of the Denon DL-S1. Depending where you acquire one, the price ranges widely. Comet Supply is the least expensive at $600, Galen -Carol $800. After that, prices rise significantly.I upgraded from a Denon 103R based on re... 
Upgrading Turntable
You might do a little long-term planning that answer questions like: Do you like to keep spending money on periodic upgrades to tonearms, and TTs, and speed controllers, or do you want to make one upgrade to an analog front end that you could live... 
Best phono preamp for Project Carbon turntable
Add to your list the Jasmine LP 2.0 (Amazon for $499). Read the reviews here and other prominent audio sites. 
What's the best buy for 2nd hand at 200 USD?
Follow up to the PS4300 recommendation: It does not have the quartz locked speed. 
What's the best buy for 2nd hand at 200 USD?
The predecessor to the Sony PS-X7 was the PS-4300. It is listed on AudioAsylum for $175. Read the review on The Vintage Knob. 
What's the best buy for 2nd hand at 200 USD?
Try a Sony PS-X7. There is one listed on Ebay and you could make an offer. I just sold mine for $200 and the cover was not cracked. This is a surprisingly good TT. You can read some reviews on Vinyl Engine, AudioKarma, etc. 
To ring or not to ring?
The energy picked up by the stylus creates a subtle echo effect similar to hearing music in an auditorium. This distorts the original recorded music. It is also deleterious to sound retrieval. If one's system is good enough at extracting the music... 
What happened to Discwasher?
I would expect that a glass shop or hardware store that performs glass replacement would cut one to dimension.