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rubber O rings on Rega counterweight collars?
I purchased a counterweight for my VPI JMW 12.5 from Xact Audio Design through Ebay. They specialize in counterweights for a wide range of tonearms including Rega.The counterweight made a marked improvement in sound resolution through the whole fr... 
Do wooden arms warp
Lewm, cursing and discrediting other posters, and stating that the issue should "be put to death" does not sound like a way to stir up responses. I observed you do this in a number of other posts. It is a bit tiresome.Why not stick with facts and ... 
Modified Lenco vs TW Raven
Barbapapa, I have a WAV24 file to which I can give you access and you can judge for yourself. I use a Tascam DA3000 for the digital recording. Just send me a PM and type of music you would like to hear. 
Tascam DA3000: Analog to Digital Recording
I purchased the Tascam DA3000. It is very easy to record from vinyl. The sound reproduction is indistinguishable from my analog deck. I am very pleased. 
Modified Lenco vs TW Raven
I had a Rega P3, VPI TNT (even tried the Teres Verus drive on it), Sony PS-X7, TTW Audio rim drive, Luxman PD121. I prefer my modified Lenco to all of them. It is the most accurate reproduction of sound and has the highest speed stability.My Lenco... 
recessed center in old turntables platters ... why
When the vinyl mates with the platter, resonance from the stylus is readily transferred to the platter and away from the stylus. The LP also becomes a solid foundation for the stylus to track.Using center clamps and periphery clamps augment these ... 
Salience Phono Stage Reviews
This is the same phono stage as the Jasmine. There is a good history of threads on the subject here and on Arthur Salvatore's website. 
has anyone had any problems w/ Jasmine phono LP2.0
Dear Nandric, Thank you for the note about the wiring upgrade/limitations. I wish you all the best. 
has anyone had any problems w/ Jasmine phono LP2.0
Keithtexas, I have modest skills with electronics. So, take pictures along the way as you disassemble the unit. Note the location of the loading (ohms) switch before you remove the knob. Remove the locking nut of the switch for the cartridge MM/MC... 
Trans Fi Salvation direct rim drive turntable
Digital file creation of the TT is fairly common these days. Why not publish a digital file of a particular track (partial track to avoid violation of copyright)? Select some piece of classical music and publish it.So many people have analog-to-di... 
Trans Fi Salvation direct rim drive turntable
Spirit, speak your mind. You do not owe anyone here an apology for expressing your opinion on audio equipment.For those in the market for a turntable, you provide an unequivocal assessment of the Salvation TT. I wish I had known about this before ... 
Jolida JD9: I think I over-bought. Alternatives?
Try a Jasmine LP2.0 SE. In fact there is one here on Audiogon for only $350. I have used mine with a variety of LOMCs, moving iron. I upgraded the output caps to Janzten Superior Z caps.I am very pleased with its performance and have no desire to ... 
Looking for a phono stage to go with my system
Take a look at the Jungson JA88D. It is a pure class A integrated amplifier and it has a built in phono for MM and MC. Though, I use my Jasmine phono, which is superior. However, it is respectable. 
SDS or phono stage
There is an SDS listed here and on Audio Asylum. 
Looking for a phono stage to go with my system
Jasmine LP 2.0. Handles MM and MC cartridges and you won't have the itch to upgrade or the disappointment of having spent too much money.