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Sme new platter material???
It's still the Isodamp material, just another color. 
Anyone compared BAT Rex vs. Atmasphere MP-1?
I have a BAT REX and love it. It's in an all BAT system (synergy). Other than its sound which is superb, I love the remote control and the ability to tweak with NOS tubes vs. current manufacture. Different strokes.......Raquel is right. Maybe ther... 
Mcintosh c22 60th pre amp has anyone listened to ?
Try the McIntosh forum of Audiokarma.org 
Azimuth and the Fozgometer
What is this "Feickert alignment service"? 
Tonearm scratches
I disagree, Bdgregory. They can be easily avoided by using small plastic washers between the mounting bolts and the headshell. 
12-inch armwand on Graham Phantom II?
I must be blind but I see no mention of the 12" wand on the Musical Surroundings website. I do see mention of it by certain dealers but no separate sale details only complete arm price. Does this longer arm come with a bigger counterbalance weight... 
12-inch armwand on Graham Phantom II?
Is the 12-in. wand for the Phantom available? 
BAT VK-55: cap upgrade
I put the new V-CAP CuTF caps in my 150SE monoblocks (total of 8 caps) (previously had the TFTF caps). Oh my........!! 
ARC Reference Anniversary preamp in 2011
Looks like the REX, but is it more like the SP-10 with separate power supply. The "astound-me" website title and the laudatory vacuum-fluorescent display at turn-on are somewhat tacky. It must herald the second coming.......I hear trumpets..... 
the best kt88 tube there is available?
John tracy - It's the KT120 tube, although it was recently discussed being used in the Dynaco ST120 amp. See below:http://db.audioasylum.com/cgi/m.mpl?forum=tubes&n=229772&highlight=kt120&r= 
New V-CAP CuTF capacitor
As I stated - coupling caps, one per output tube, 8 in all. Not bypass caps. 
New V-CAP CuTF capacitor
I am using the .22 uf CuTF as coupling caps in my BAT 150SE amps. They replaced the TFTF caps which themselves were a big improvement over the stock caps. Now in comparison, the TFTF caps seem more clinical compared to the CuTF caps. The highs are... 
BAT VK 600SE: SE vs. Balanced
Kind of hard to quantify how much "degradation" you might experience in SE mode. BAT equipment is designed to perform its best in balanced mode, hence the name. Lower noise floor for one. Running a BAT amp in SE mode is a compromise, kind of like ... 
Audiogalore - With my P10SE, I use high gain and direct(without transformers) for a variety of MC cartridges. I don't hear any degradation from low to high gain but I do with the transformers. 
Jfrech is exactly right in everything he says. I have a P10SE with Superpak. It sounds better without using the transformers. The XLR input will provide the extra gain as mentioned and will have a lower noise floor also. FYI - I recently sent my u...