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Atma-sphere MA-1 mk 3 to 3.1 upgrade
What exactly was done in the upgrade? 
Your best ''outstanding'' products in last 5 yrs?
Add the Fozgometer to the list..... 
Simon yorke tone arm
Buconero117 - I think Simon lives in Spain. 
Sunfire Load Invarient 2 channel amp 2 x 300
There is no listing under that name in the Audiogon Blue Book.The Sunfire 300, came out in 1996. Last sold was$770.The Sunfire 300-2 came out in 2004. Last sold was $920.Good luck. 
What headphone amp to use with Sennheiser HD800?
Woo Audio WA5-LE with Sophia Royal Princess 300B, EML 274B, and Sophia 6SN7 tubes. Highly recommended. 
Amp recommendation for AKG K1000's headphones?
I run my AKG K1000 headphones with a Woo Audio WA5 headphone amp. Great combination. 
Levinson 331 humming followup...
I'm not surprised to see that cheap caps were used in the 331. I once had a Levinson 23 amp which developed a problem. A skilled local tech found the problem related to a cheap part and commented on some of the other cheap parts used. I quickly so... 
Your favourite cartridge
ZYX Universe - purchased from Mehran Farahmand 
Favorite 300B: Sophia vs KR
Phaelon - I'm glad you've found as much satisfaction in this tube as I have. I hope others do too. 
http://live.audiogon.com/i/ces2011/f/1295308950.jpgHere's the BAT room at CES. 
Favorite 300B: Sophia vs KR
Maxmad - Yes, that is correct. All meshplate tubes, as far as I know, including Sophias, are NOT drop-in replacements for solid plate 300B tubes. They require a decrease in dissipation, as stated on the jacmusic website. Yes, the Woo is designed t... 
Favorite 300B: Sophia vs KR
Phaelon - The Sophia Electric website posts some helpful User Reviews/Feedback for each type of Princess. I agree with their assessments. Depending on your system and your musical tastes, a particular kind of 300B(mesh vs. carbon plate) may be use... 
Favorite 300B: Sophia vs KR
I am currently using the new Sophia Royal Princess 300B tubes in my Woo Audio WA5LE. Wow, what a tube. I have compared it to WE, Sophia Mesh, Sophia Carbonplate, Shuguang Treasure, and EML Mesh. It tops all of them. Yes, it is pricey. I think it i... 
BAT VK-P10SE Owners -- What NOS tubes?
In January, I sent in my P-10SE to BAT to have the auto-balance circuit installed. My unit came out before the auto-bias circuit was included. I was tired of having to adjust the bias (using those 2 pins/side and a meter) each time I changed the 6... 
Favorite 300B: Sophia vs KR
Sakahara - I've read online that the 'grading' system is hype designed to inflate and justify the higher prices of the "A" tubes. Do a search in the AudioAsylum. If I am not mistaken, Michael Samra has gotten some tubes from GoodComponent and wrot...