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Audio store in Orlando
Sound Advice, here is the address and map and a link to their website.And here are some PSB dealers, address and maps).Good luck 
Top Ten Electronic/alternative Albums
Harold Budd- some of these should be included: 1984 The Pearl 1986 Lovely Thunder 1988 The White Arcades 1991 By the Dawn's Early Light 1993 Music for 3 Pianos 1994 She Is a Phantom [live] 1996 Luxa 1998 Walk into My Voice: American Beat Poe... 
Tube cage help
Here is Hammond's page on perforated chassis covers 
Can I hook up two amps to the same speaker?
May I add that the switch you seek should have a 'break before make' not the 'make before break' type circuitry. Here are the make before break/break before make definitions: In a make before break type, a contact will not open it's primary output... 
Manhattan vinyl shops
Here is a link to the Village Voice music shopping page. 
What music do you want to play really loud?
It's not want to play...' but ' I play...'From the cd Tribute to Dead Can Dance - The Lotus Eaters:Hortus Animae featuring Liv Kristine "Windfall introducing Summoning Of The Muse".(^ it gets really LOUD when I start E-bowing my guitar)Im... 
How long do speakers last?
It depends on the material and the enviroment.Here is a pdf file on Rubber Products: Recommended Shelf LifeSee Table I on page 5 for type of rubber, common or trade name and the shelf life. 
metric screws for TP 50 head Thorens TD 150
McMaster-Carr has many metric screws. You didn't say the type head you need. Here is the metric screw page:,drywall,acmerodgen,machine,acmeprelead,se... 
Good workout music for baby boomers
Leftfield - "Leftism" 
Favorite HT in a Box or Similar...
I'm also a happy customer with accessories4less since about 2001. Purchased most of cables from them (AR orginal Pro Series ICs, CaTV and AR Master Series Speaker cables and terminations), Ixos XHS756 7 Gamma bi-wires for the car. Always received ... 
can anyone help my dual 505-2?
Dual belt size 
Where can I buy 5/16-18 speaker stand spikes?
Audiopoints has them in wide and narrow bodies. 
Why do I get better FM reception in my car...
Is it because the WFUV-FM antenna is in the Bronx which is north of your apartment. Here is a link that may help you: wonder if my ex coworker son is still a dj at Fo... 
Your ONE all time favorite love song?
"Like A Child Again" words by Wayne Hussey, music by Craig Adams/Mick Brown/Wayne Hussey. (The Mission UK, lineup of 1991). 
What new music did you get for Christmas?
I purchased last month on the internet and received on the 20th The Mission Uk "Lighting The Candles" a 2 DVDs set including a 2004 concert, solo performances, rare footage, photos, interviews and a bonus cd with live tracks.