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Where are you from this Christmas..
Merry Christmas from the Space Coast of Florida. 
About Lugnut -- Patrick Malone
I am sorry and sadded with tears as I read that Patrick has pass on. My condolences to the Malone family.Thank you O Lord for sharing Patrick with us, his life with his family and friends and for his knowledge to those from afar. Grant Pat eternal... 
Best CDs for vocals?
Heavenly Voices by various artist on the Cleopatra label.Cleopatra released this "best of" from the Heavenly Voices series on Hyperium. "A collection of the finest female vocals in ethereal, darkwave & gothic." 
Neil Young - Like a Hurricane
Here are a few more versions done by the Mission UK:First Chapter (studio)Salad Daze - the BBC Radio 1 Sessions (live)Ever After (live) 
Denon 3803 issue, no sound in sub? Help
The following is from my AVR-4800 manualInitialization Of The Microprocessor (see manual index for page).1) Switch off the unit and remove the AC cord from the AVR-4800 rear panel. Wait for 15 seconds.2) Press and hold the 6.1/7.1 SURROUND button ... 
Denon 3803 issue, no sound in sub? Help
For factory default settings, remove the AC power cord from the wall, while holding the power on button and ? button (see owners manual for the correct button) reinstall the AC power cord, all the display will start blinking and again see the owne... 
Dead Can Dance's Into the Labyrinth
Here's another Dead Can Dance tribute CD that was released Sept.05,2005 on Projekt Records titled "Summoning of the muse ~ a tribute to Dead Can Dance"Song samples and reviews  
Best Spooky, Moody, Atmospheric Home Theatre Demo
From the Project Records email that I received in June:Midnight Syndicate the 13th Hour $13.98 in a haunted Victorian mansion, The 13th Hour features Midnight Syndicate's signature blend of... 
Car Audio Newbee
For the sub I would go for the Infinity Kappa Basslink over the Bazooka. It is a 200w 10in. with a 10in. passive radiator. I agree with the reviews as for my ears a more natually sounding sub that is NOT like those you hear and cringe from blocks ... 
Question about Denon 2900 vs. 3910
Great research Ssabripo and thanks.Here is The Absolute Sound review on the 2900, (in a nutshell; the audio quality has to catch up with the surperb video. They praise the 2200 though). 
Help needed on a recalcitrant Sony DVP-S7000
Do you mean recalibrate? Maybe on this site that I've bookmarked a few years ago. Good luck. 
What are the best sounding outdoor speakers? 
Pink Floyd reunion
I saw the band on these three tours: DSOM, WYWH, and Animals. FYI they also played at New York State University at Stoney Brook (on long island) a few times in the late 60's - early 70's.Debated and never went to see the Delicate Sound tour at the... 
Does anyone do good protest music anymore?
Sleater-Kinney 'One Beat' is one that comes to my mind. 
Covers of Woody Guthie - "this Land is Your Land"
Do a song title search on