Responses from rockysantoro

Audio stops pain
I agree, a great stereo system,a carefully selected playlist,and some cannabis of your choice. Best stress relief there is!  
Best Sound Track Ever Vote for One
''Apocalypse Now''  
Vandersteen Speakers.. Are All Other Speaker Makers Doing It Wrong ?
Audition a pair of JBL STUDIO 698's.  I think they match up favorably against any Vandersteen you put up against them. You can spend many thousands less,and still be happy!  
Let me explain something to you jive turkeys.
To steal a line from Quicksilver Messenger Service, ''Have another hit''!  
Electric cars will ruin late night listening?
I agree with riley804, why worry? Gasoline cars still rule.Electric cars will not be in demand until there are places to plug them in.  
What is your favorite cover?
Marianne Faithful-  Working Class Hero (John Lennon)  
Isolation Feet for Laptop
I also am using IsoAcoustic Orea's to eliminate vibrations. The laptop is resting on a Mapleshade oak platform,with the Orea's supporting the platform. The sound improvement was noticeable right away.  
The problem with streaming
Where is millercarbon,  interested in his take on this subject.  
The Most Cost Effective Tweak
This is easy, Audioquest Jitterbug. Under 100 bucks, it's a no brainer! 
If your down on your system…
If your system is great,and the music isn't,fire up a big fat one! 
The Most Philosophical Song You Ever Heard
Taxi,  Harry Chapin. 
Another great gone, this time its Charlie Watts
Charlie has moved on to rock and roll Heaven,and the Stones will never be the same.Check out "Paint it Black",and "19th Nervous Breakdown", for some great drumming. 
HELP! I bought equipment drunk, don’t know anything.
Talk about spending like a drunken sailor,did you get a tattoo? 
Integrated Amp Choices
I'm with chicagoblue, you can't go wrong with Simaudio.I have never been disapointed with any Simaudio product. 
What is your favorite album cover?
I will submit three from Santana. Santana(III), Caravanserai, and Havana Moon.