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Charging A Fee To Demo An Amplifier In A Brick & Mortar Store
Time to find a new dealer! 
ls FM radio even listenable any more?
FM radio is not what it used to be.Many more commercials now. I enjoy the satelite radio(xm). Many different genres to choose from. 
Shipping. Hard Lesson.
Not surprised with incompetance of U.P.S.  I have had several items damaged by them. I know of a high end audio dealer who will not accept anything delivered by U.P.S. 
is this the greatest live band of all time?
The Who,  "Live at Leeds" 
Whats playing on your system today?
Listening to some great Scotish music by Steve Mc Donald .The guy is amazing. Anyone else agree? 
Sexy singer(s) and/or song(s)
Is anyone familiar with "Love to Love You Baby", by Donna Summer?  It's an erotic 16 minutes and forty nine seconds! 
Ever feel like a "low dollar" customer that your dealer doesn't think worth their time?
It's time to say goodby to that dealer. 
Best debut album
How Do You Live The Audiophile Life
One question. Where are all the female audiophiles? 
Big source improvement using CD player
I have done comparisons between Esoteric DV-60 CD player, and Tidal, playing through Audirvana. As good as the Esoteric is,it comes up short. In fact,I am thinking about selling . 
Sandy Gross is retiring.
Who is Sandy Gross? 
Wow an old album that rocked your world
mwinkc mentioned Crime of the Century by Supertramp. Couldn't agree more .In my top 10 of all time. 
Wow an old album that rocked your world
Dark Side of the Moon, Pink Floyd.  Never anything like it before  ,or after! 
In the middle of a pandemic, Stereophile reviews ~ $30K equipment
Stereophile has a ''recomended component issue,with a $100,000 turntable(tonearm not included).  Really? 
On-Line Concerts for the Virus Age