Responses from rockysantoro

Where did you buy your first audio gear?
Tech Hi-Fi, in Stoneham,MA.  A  Kenwood reciever, Dual turntable, and Micro Acoustic speakers.  
Disservice: XLR interconnects
All cables should be treated as living breathing animals,every one is different.  
Ali Baba
Thank-you, urbie,you stole my thunder!  
Did you notice....
My Esoteric player blows away anything streamed!  
Rant against the industry with hopes for discussion on positive change
Young people,for some reason ,have very short attention spans. Too much social media out there.They can't put their phone down long enough to sit down at the "sweet spot",and listen to a great album!  
Severe short term audio distortion when watching Netflix
Sounds like some sort of interference,possibly,from a neighbor.  
Why Purchase A CD Player or Transport ?
My Esoteric CD player(DV-60), sounds better than anything Iv'e heard streamed.  
What I really hate about some music
As I get older, I am much more selective of my music If something annoys me, I eliminate it ,and move on to something else. Simple solution,no more complaints.  
Whats playing on your system today?
Is anyone familiar with Sheila Chandra? Great voice, check out her album ,Moonsung.  
What Is Most Important?
When all is said an done,it's the component that produces the sound. Yes, that's right, the speaker!  
Britney Spears
Covid-19 and Britney Spears, one and the same.  
Has this happened to you? How can it be stopped?
Of course there are some exceptions,but most of the time women and high -end audio don't mix. I made one thing clear before the vows.  Never, and I mean never, should the words TURN IT DOWN! ever come out of your mouth.  
Cables recommendation
I have had good luck with Shunyata cables. Price range for every budget.  
The Best Speakers in the World!
You commited a mortal sin. Thou shall not buy speakers without auditioning first!  
What is your favorite cover?
Little Wing, by Sting.  Sorry Jimi!