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Dream Amps I Could Not Afford 20 Years Ago Now Undesirable
@shtinkydog I ran it with a pair of QLN Signature speakers and later I picked up a used pair of Apogee Caliper Sigs that I bought from the same dealer. The Krell had enough ‘on paper’ watts for the Calipers but couldn’t deliver enough current, so... 
Have you found your "End-Game" speakers yet? I have. And it feels so good!!!
I like my ProAc D40R but I doubt they’re end game. When the mood takes me I’ll probably be tempted to switch.  
Dream Amps I Could Not Afford 20 Years Ago Now Undesirable
When I lived in the UK I lusted after a Krell KAV300i. It was popular in the audio press and I really, really wanted one. It was 3500 GBP back then and I couldn't justify the cost.  When I moved to the USA a few years later I found an open box 30... 
Cats chasing laser pointers
Aren't we all programmed to pursue materialistic pleasures? Is there any real way to avoid it? If not audio gear, it will be something else. A simple way to curb excesses is to avoid the use of credit. Save up for your gear, pay cash, avoid spend... 
Blue Jeans Cable Iconoclast
Oddly enough I can't see a way to order Iconoclast cables at the Blue Jeans website. The links and information still push people over to the Iconoclast website which is autonomous.  I'm a big fan of Iconoclast, having recently invested in two run... 
Feickert Volare + Shick 9 + Hana Umami Red
Great choice. I had two Volares with different arms then moved to the Woodpecker. The Volare is a really good table. I did have some problems with isolation on my table, it would pickup from a nearby sub and I spent a lot of time figuring out how ... 
Is Aurender N10 still a good option
@bill_k That’s entirely true Bill, but there’s a much smaller price difference on the used market which is how I acquired both my units. (About a $1000 or so). I think the N10 is a good player and definitely still relevant, to the OP’s question.    
Is Aurender N10 still a good option
The N10 is a really good streamer / file server.  I used a Small Green Computer i5 with Sonore UltraRendu and UltraDigital for a while then switched to a Lumin U1 Mini ‘cos people were saying how good the Lumin is. And the Lumin is fine for the m... 
@roxy54  LOL... you have a keen eye. (though there's also an asterisk next to the Sonus Faber Electa....) These are speakers I wish I hadn't sold and may repurchase at some point. I meant to add that comment then realized it was past my nap time.  
Goodmans (can’t remember model, but BIG!) Acoustic Research Epos ES14 Quad 57 Sonus Faber Electa* QLN Sig Splitfield II Apogee Caliper Sig Magnepan MG3.6R Oris Stacked 150 Custom Kalinowski Carver Amazing Plats Talon Khite HSU VT-1 / 2 subs Merlin... 
Help this old rookie with speakers
I don’t know why you think La Scalas would be too big for a 20x30 room? That’s a large room and would accommodate a speaker even bigger than the La Scala. With $3k I’d consider spending $2k on a pair of Altec Valencia and $1k on a nice set amp wi... 
Best Forum to hear experienced audiophiles exchange thoughts?
@daveyf I'm sure you are right. I don't spend much time at WBF, nor here for that matter. A classic case of people not being qualified to have an opinion, yet having one anyway, lol. All is good with the world unless you look through the window.    
Best Forum to hear experienced audiophiles exchange thoughts?
I think the differences are mostly down to ownership and moderation. WBF's owners are active participants and their moderation policy is open and transparent. This place - who knows what/who the moderators are and when/where they will strike?    
What are your top three live concerts of all time?
Queen - Manchester Apollo - Crazy Tour 1979 Genesis - Six of the Best reunion with Gabriel at Milton Keynes, UK in 1982 Pink Floyd at Main Road Manchester, UK in 1988 Yes, I'm old.  
Suggestions for Phono Preamp
iFi iPhono3 Black Label. Punches well above its modest $1000 price point. Quite rare on the used market, the last one I saw was $750 ish. Great little unit.