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Building a new system / Advice on some products
I think that 8-10K on an amp is at least double what you should be paying. There's a nice 3-channel Krell on Audiogon for $2400, and even that was "only" 5K new. I'd buy used - as you said, A high end amp last a long time.Forget the receiver - as ... 
Building a new system / Advice on some products
As you probably know, B&W are power hungry. Make sure that receiver can put out enough. 
Some irrefutable truths about rock and roll
Late to the thread here, but absolutely agree that a good song is a good song, regardless!Also, that the hardesat thing to do is write the perfect 3-minute pop/rock tune. Anybody can do a self-indulgent Inna Gadda da Vida, but think of what makes ... 
Afraid to buy new speakers
Some NHT speakers are designed to go against the wall. I'm a fan (but don't own them). 
Some amplifier questions
If you're using an Oppo, and not using a turntable or radio tuner, I suggest skipping the receiver and just getting a 3 or 5 channel amp. Get a 5 channel if you plan to upgrade later.The Oppo does very well directly into an amplifier, and the surr... 
Oppo BDP-105 audio input question.
No, it doesn't have HDMI. Just wondering if it would make a difference if I did use the HDMI input. 
Sloppy but Famous Contest
Jimmy Page - the most famous sloppy guitarist. As an aside, I ruined LZ for my wife when I played her the originals of everything they ripped off. She was appalled. 
Oppo 105 in place of pre/pro
Dbphd - you need a preamp for the phono stage. What I meant, very poorly worded, was that I'm not using a preamp because I don't need a phono stage or more inputs (yet). Therefore I'm only using the inputs on the 105, which are obviously all digital. 
Oppo 105 in place of pre/pro
I'm using the 105 analog outs to a 2-channel amp and a 3-channel amp. I'm only using the digital inputs, unlike Dbphd above.My thinking is, why add another component if it's not necessary? 
Tubes-Suffer for Sound CD??????
Discogs has no release for it. It's likely a boot. If you're concerned about sound quality, maybe the seller can cut you a minute of in in flac or mp3 so you can check it out. 
help me decide speakers for two channel audio
I second the Egleston, but at that price point I'd LOVE Rockport. I think they're much more coherent...well, they sound better...than any of the 3 you listed. These are on Agon, but may be too big for you 
Any reason to even buy a new PJ at this juncture??
I'm in the same position. I was going to buy a Panasonic PT-AE8000, but now I think I'll buy a less expensive or used projector and wait for the 4k to come down in price. 
Where are the female Audiophiles?
Bifwynne - Sorry to be off-topic, but I looked at your system. Are you interested in a pair of Reference 150s? 
Help designing a home theater/listening room
Why would you go for an integrated if it will be used for home theater? 
Trading M&K for B&W???
I'm not sure about your HTR, but all B&W take a lot of current.