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Do expensive cables/wires REALLY make a difference
I think so 
Cary SLP-05 Tube Rolling
There is also an adapter to the 7119 tube on ebay 
Were any of you taping concerts circa 1972-88?
Connect @ 
Looking for a power conditioner/regenerator/filter
Chang Lightspeed is what I'm looking into 
Hello Old Friend
Beck Bogert and Appice, heard it first at the Indianapolis downrown library when they had albums you could listen to in private listening rooms with a turntable. 
Audiogon Hub vs. Audiogon Forums?
Huh, what ?? 
Help me diagnose the problem
I got the same crap, ain't the fuse though. Something more evil. Pops are tube like at least in my short experience, mine was two thumps. Anybody know what the thumps may have been ?? I got some cheap PCC88's from across the pond, a well known bra... 
What three shelf stand should I purchase?
WAF ?? I doubt your wife is all that. 
Well worth it @ 537 and I did put them in myself. The boards are real easy to get out. I done this yesterday. Really opened up the top end, dynamics are a little better, the micro dynamics is where it really opened up. Tightened up the bottom end ... 
All I can say is wow. 
Mang, is't a little over $3 in these hillbilly parts, I'm a flatlander though. 
Should I burn these?
You must have got a pair from a bad batchBOSE ROCK YO MAMABOSE ROCK YO MAMABOSE ROCK YO MAMA 
Anyone else receive low offers right away ?
There is a Rouge Audio 88 Magnum that is on a 2nd flip since 9-15 when I sold it. 
Anyone else receive low offers right away ?
Yes flippers 
What is the best....?
Pick up the latest High Times issue.