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Do power cords make a difference?
Groan.Cue the Pangea shill. 
2-channel vs 3-channel/5channel
So anyway, to answer your question, a good surround sound system not only gets you tremendous added dimension on movies, but SACD and DVD-A's cab be astounding.As long as you don't mind effects that should be coming from the back or sides not comi... 
Why are subwoofers so polarizing?
"Home theater represents everything that 2 channel does not. It's quantity over quality. 2 channel audio is all about quality over quantity. Home theater is for the ignorant masses that think big explosions are just so freakin cool they can hardly... 
Martin Logan ML-3 Service
Recommendation? S.E.A.R.C.H. 
Humor In Music
LOTS of humor in Steely Dan lyrics, along with cynicism and acerbic statements.Try listening to them sometime. 
one last show
Led Zep with Bonham 
Recommendations for a "summer" amp?
Hey Rrog, that new invention makes a fair amount of background noise, particularly when running a hot amp and television in a closed room, which is why it's best to keep the heat down.Try it some time - you'll see. 
Power cords
What???!!! No shilling for Pangea. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN???!!!EVERYONE KNOWS they're the best. EVERYONE!!. 
^^^ Right. Now wait for for some genius to tell you it works for them because they don't see so well.Happened to me the last time I suggested someone stop yelling.So anyway, and post that screams "MASTERPIECE, AWESOME, BLISSFUL, UNFORGETABLE, AND ... 
cerwin vega 18" 189SW
^^^Ever think of ending a sentence with a . ? 
What are Epicure 3.0 Pyramid speakers worth?
Apparently you haven;t listed to speakers in a while. SOME equipment MIGHT be comparable, but speakers - not a chance.You try to sound like you know what you're talking about, so instead of arguing (again), out them on Craigslist, ebay or whatever... 
Why are you yelling? 
What are Epicure 3.0 Pyramid speakers worth?
Epicure was pretty good in it's day, which is now measured in decades. What you can buy from PSB, Paradigm or others in the low hundreds would make a 30 year old speaker that "only needs new grills, a replacement midrange, holes filled where the L... 
Audio Kharma website
Not much different than threads on cables or double blind testing here. 
What's your view on blind testing?
Every poster who has reported that their jaw dropped, a veil was lifted, whole 'nother reality, etc, whatever nonsense audiophool jargon should be made to do double blind testing and see just how effective the placebo effect is.