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Another RIP - Alan Holdsworth
UK down 50% ELP down 66% 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
Queen and Meatloaf 
Review: Evolution Acoustics MM2 Speaker
I have the mm2 for around 7 years and its a rush every time I turn them on.  I have not heard the rockports. The mm2s have the best bass of any speaker I had in the past and the presentation is big. My room is 22x25 with a 12 cathedral ceilng and ... 
Need recommendation for a CD player
emmlabs cdsa  I have one for 10 years. Should be able to find a used one.  
emm labs cdsa cd stuck in transport
Sent the cdsa back to emmlabs. They still have parts to fix it. 
Review: Evolution Acoustics MM2 Speaker
Still sounding great after 6 years  Still excellent finish. Had a woofer buzz but was replaced(woofer) quickly by Jonathan Tinn    
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Steve Hackett at Capitol theater Clearwater flGreat show and the best sound acoustics I have ever heard at a live performance. Yes really    What a band! 
Keith Emerson of ELP.....Rest in Peace!
The last pebble was cast 
Best Drum Solos
Billy Cobham on Stanley Clarkes" School Days"   Life is just a game.   
High Fidelity Cables CT-1designed by Rick Schultz
Can the length of the HF speaker cable have an impact on sound. Any experiences? 
Personal Turntable Evolution
Technics unknown modelbang and olufsenlinn ekossota sapphireVPI ariesNottingham spacedeckVPI scoutmasterRega rp8Rega rp10Most were lateral moves searching for Nirvana with late 70's pressings. Rega produced the biggest upgrade. 
Rega RP8 cartridge?
The Rega apheta is an excellent sounding cartridge, Big dynamics and resolution. Mounts well with the rp8. One of the best with rock and progressive music 
currently own a vpi scout, looking to upgrade
I have now had the rega rp8 for over 6 months and it is still the best sounding table I have purchased. More dynamics and resolution over the three VPI's I have owned. One problem with the Rega is the magnesium brace. It has oxidized to a black fi... 
Biggest Baddest Audio Cables
I have a full loom of evolution acoustics cables. Talk about loads of copper.Big beautiful organic sound. 
currently own a vpi scout, looking to upgrade
I received the rp8/apheta. I have been listening for a few days and its a nice surprise how good the resolution is compared to the scoutmaster/jmw arm/dynavector. Separation of instruments and vocal enunciation is what popped out the most. I like ...