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More powerful amp for top or bottom?
Tyler makes active speakers. Could you go that route. Give him a call 
Valhalla vs. Audience AU 24
Kurt if you like the Valhallas wait till you hear the Odin supreme reference. 
best powercord for atma-sphere amps MA 1
Sayles, Which wires make or break a HiFi?? Specifics please 
Valhalla vs. Audience AU 24
When you spend a lot more money on a cable you will Definitely thinks its better. That is until you spend way more on the next one. 
Can all power cords be classified as 1 of 2 types?
Pops you are spot on. Did you ever wonder why a manufacturer of a 20,000 dollar amp uses a stock cord. Don't you think they would produce a cord and add that to the sale to optimize the sound. Bottom line is keep it simple and inexpensive. 
Need help picking subwoofer cables interconnects
Smart move. Don't waste your money. I have used blue jean cables on my velodyne dd18. 
Acrolink Digital Cables : How is the sound ?
Your right Pani. It seems since acrolink does not advertise they are not recognized in the audiophile BS. Obviously they are not well known here but are big in asia where acrolink produces cables for ultra highend Teac [esoteric] at a ridiculous p... 
acrolink vs. esoteric/ acrolink
Why is the acrolink pc $450 and the esoteric over 2k if they are the same. Its seems like a no brainer if the copper is the same. 
Cable Elevators killed my bass
This is sort of on the topic. Do you prefer the power coming into your house from powerlines on poles or underground lines. I prefer underground it makes the sound more organic 
acrolink vs. esoteric/ acrolink
It would be considerable info if the basic acrolink material was close to the esoteric mexel. 
Speakers to alleviate room anomolies
Adding the subwoofer did correct the problem. It doesn't seem right having a huge expensive main speaker not doing the job.There are 2 twelve in woofers on each side not providing punch.I also thought I didn't have enough power to drive the woofer... 
Life after DarTZeel
When I turn the Dartzeel on to drive the VR7Se it is hard to believe it is only 100 watts. Powerful and the most musical amp I have owned. Has anyone done any bench tests on this amp to see if thats a correct rating. Customer service is also A++. ... 
Linn LP-12 still competitive with the very best?
It certainly doesn't get the press like it used to. My lp 12 upgraded was as good as the Notinghams,vpi,sota which I have also owned. I kept searching for better and found that it wasn't the table but the weak phono stages. I wish I had the linn l... 
phono Cartridge warranties
I tried the email route but received no replies. I will make a call and see if I can beg something out of them. 
How good are grado cartridges
I was looking in the $600-$1000 range. I had a Shelter 501 MkII on it for a year before the cartridge failed. Axiss refused to warranty it so I won't deal with them anymore. One of the best sounding cartidges for the money. I had a Benz ruby II wh...