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Billy Cobham Spectrum 40 concert
Huge drum kit. Sibian cymbals not sure about the drums,Mind blowing at his ability and quickness at age 70. 
evolution acoustics mm2 - review after 600 hours
I have been using Discover power cords on the mm2s.Any optimum cords for these speakers other than the ea cords 
Power conditioning / surge protection
I just purchased a Torus avr 20. Finally in 20 years of this hobby I have an extreme improvement in sound.I have owned furutech,hydras ,monster, tice and a few more that were a total waste of money. Torus made me a first time believer in power cor... 
Power Conditioners.
I just bought a Torus avr 20 and it is one of the biggest upgrades I have made. I had many conditioners{Tice,monster,Hydras,Furutech]etc. which in my opinion did nothing. I live in Fla. where my voltage fluctuated from 114 to 124. Torus solved the... 
Big, big room -- which 10-20k speakers?
My room is 28x28x12 cathedral.The Evolution Acoustics MM2 solved all the problemsI tried many speakers and almost gave up on bad sound until the MM2. They fill the room magically.The biggest problem with other speaks was always the bass or the fou... 
Stand out phono stages
The Dartzeel phono preamp. 
schticky to clean lp's
Can the 'in the groove' be washed or cleaned. 
VPI Scout Cartridge
A great cartidge is the dynavector 20x. with the scoutmaster. It sounded better than the benz ruby. 
darTZeel NHB-108 users please check in ...
Joenid, sorry I assumed you had both amp and preamp. You are correct that the amp does not have batteries. I have yet to do the upgrade but I am told it is a real upgrade in sound. 
VAC Renaissance Pre-amp owners - Help
is it a curse to have that good of hearing to detect the direction of a fuse 
darTZeel NHB-108 users please check in ...
First amp I have kept for 4 years with no plans of changing. No problems at all. I had to change the batteries one time. Does your have the upgrade? Runs the evolution acoustics mm2 
evolution acoustics mm2 - review after 600 hours
They are by far the best speakers I have heard. I have them for about a year and still have excitement every time I listen to them. The review by Karmapolice is spot on. I have a large room{25x25} and the bass was always missing with every other s... 
Amplifiers:A Keeper for Life. Do you know of one ?
I haven't replaced the dartzeel in 5 years. Nothing packs the punch and clarity better 
Dartzeel 108 amp upgrade?
I believe that is the upgrade I was referring to from 2009. It is such a fine and trouble free amp that its hard to believe it could get much better. I will definitely check it out. Price??? 
Most Beneficial Cable Upgrade
Here is great info on the topic. google>Roger RussellSpeaker Wire "A History"