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Loose Veneer, best Fix?
Rja:If you can find the adhesive type used in manufacturing you are closer to the best possible solution (they might also suggest adhesive type proper for the repair). There can be several types of adhesives used so if you can trim down better.Def... 
Moving to New Zealand from USA Now What?????
Vong:Regarding possible custom situations with your gear keep in mind that if the goods are used and not new, the duties applicable might be quite different i.e. for new equipment might be much higher than for used. So do some search on the topic ... 
How do you deal with vibration?
Rsbeck:Many details were omitted in my post for brief purposes. Basic tweaking was performed like interconnect and power cable layout, the rack was on a small rug and it was removed so it was directly on the tile floor. Mass loading of the player ... 
How do you deal with vibration?
Sharing a experienceA friend (non audiophile) bought a Denon 2900 and put it on the top of his no-name rack where his Denon receiver was. He had an "av joe room", i.e. just set the speakers more or less in a triangular way ref to his seating posit... 
Moving to New Zealand from USA Now What?????
Vong:Jeff advise on contacting Redkiwi is a "sound" one, hasn't seen many postings from him lately but he was very active a couple of years ago. He has contributed quite a bit specially involving Neuance platforms.Luis 
Stillpoints vs Symposium Rollerballs
Cab:Tweaking is IMHO a basic task I perform for getting the most out of my equipment rather from my wallet.So I have a combination of rolling devices + coupling cones blocks that every once in a while I try to "validate" the current set up. For me... 
Reviews of the year/Lugs Update/Jazz
Ben:Things happen in strange ways. I took a look at Lugs and really enjoyed reading the Yes remasters reviews. It's been almost 15yrs since I haven't heard Relayer and have my vinyl copy in storage. Well my wife bought me a copy of Rhino's remaste... 
What do you listen to when no one else can hear it
"Gates of Delirium" from Yes Relayer album. But hey, I play "Soon" after from the same album (very nice Jon Anderson singing) to calm my wife and let her down the ceiling where she climbed!!Blkadr agree on Crimson's Lark!! 
How Important Is The Cdp?
Clo:Do you rate the highs obtained using either CD source (CDP & DVD) with the same CD the same i.e harsh highs?Specify what's your basic pow. cond.? 
Degrade in sound over 48 hours. What happened?
Based on your description it seems that you are experiencing the effect of worse power fed to your components i.e. more use thus more noise power you get and voltage may sag.If you have acces to a volt meter you can check (if you don't know how to... 
How Important Is The Cdp?
Clo:Do you have any power "treatment" in your system? Where do you have your components, rack? 
Best location for isolation cones.
OhlalaReally enjoyed the "Clark Kent mode" comment!! 
should i listen to cs's on dvd or cd player
Gmarcotte:Don't have any experience with your units. But as Elgordo said have to try.Interesting chance you have in comparing those players.Use the same connection to compare both with either analog or digital. In the first case you'll be comparin... 
Only three manufacturers?
We audiophiles are a special breed, we don't like the "naked" truth about speakers!!Go figure 
"Audiogon" Music Reviews at last
Ben:Lugs: british informal for "ears", am I right?I'm starting to catch up with the published reviews.Thanks for sharing part of the process... keep going!RegardsLuis