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Would Audiogoners be interested in this?
Ben:I'm surprised I didn't see this thread a year ago. Just this week I was feeling like posting how I have enjoyed listening to one of my disks this week. I'm no expert in music by any length nor could I entitle myself as a reviewer but what I ha... 
What's wrong with this system?
Scott:Could you share with us setup details of your system / room, i.e. accoustic treatment, vibration tweaks, speaker positioning, rack? floor carpeting...Take a look at Dirtyragamuffin system and you'll see wall treatment (auralex),power tweaks ... 
sporadic distortion in low end?
Pablo:Your experience with the headphones points definitely to Raul's suggestion (right on the money!). Keep us updated on your progress.RegardsLuis 
sporadic distortion in low end?
Pablo:IF it is a record flaw (it seems more a vibration issue /setup from your post) repeat the same passage with your former lightier tracking force but do it with the volume all the way down. If skip persists is a disc or arm setup problem. If p... 
How about a new addition to every posting made?
Interesting new angle!!!At home office now listening to "Coast of Malabar" cut 7 of Chieftains Long Black Veil 
How Important Is The Cdp?
Dave:I had a small room like yours for 2-3 yrs and they require the most accoustic help you can get. I treated side walls, floor (carpet) and ceiling (fiber panels) and got nice improvements. I also got front wall treated as you now have and was e... 
sexiest sounding female vocalists?
Wes:Agree on Dietrich !! 
Can Someone Help the Idiot Out?
Jmcgrogan:There should be an "R" or an "L" somewhere in the monos. If not check the manuals. Sometimes manufacturers are so clumsy they overlook main issues like this! Taking another perspective, maybe t you have to go with the serial numbers i.e.... 
plauged by off center image, am I insane?
Use a test CD to discard system or room accoustic effects. If it comes OK is the recording. 
Are you bored to tears with the topics lately?
Sutts:I tried to reach Carl a couple of times kind'a 2 yrs now but one response and then silence....Think this comes and goes..... I look to tweak my system more and hear more music nowadays... job is getting most of my time and look forwar to a q... 
I hear a random low booming noise .
Does it happen in just one channel of both at the same time. Herman raises an interesting point about the source. Have you found any additional information to share? 
Why do mass marketed CD's sound so crappy?
Celtic :Nice turn of events, surprising!! 
best recording of Diana Krall ?
Love Scenes, the first one I heard from her and played more frequently than any of the others. 
Power cord to add ease and tame treble.
Glai:You mentioned that side walls do have curtains, does the treble quality worsens if you open them while listening?Also do you have any treatment in the front wall, what's between your speakers?If front wall is too reflective or have furniture ... 
Managing stiff PC on lightweight component
Wellfed:Would've been helpful to have pics of your transport / DAC setup in order to try something more related to your specific condition.Anyway couple of thoughts to share with you are:-Try using the roller bearings with two out of the three on ...