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best totem speaker
Chayro, thank you for the info. What do you mean by 'within reason,' in terms of db, do you think?I've been told that both the Forests (which I'm very interested in) and the Hawks are too much for my 302brc Jolida (50w tube)...does that sound righ... 
best totem speaker
I'd also be interested in the amount and kind of power it takes to make a given Totem model perform. I have 50 tube watts, and I believe I can barely drive any of their floor models. I'd like to, though. 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
while there's some crappy stuff here for sure, this is one category where modern music really does set an entirely new musical standard. one word: OTEP. 
have i diagnosed my hum?
(apologies if this double or triple posts - they're not getting through.)Thank you very much for your help, guys. Rleff, I did your test sort of in reverse; replacing a pair of my output tubes (I only borrowed a pair), one at a time. With one repl... 
have i diagnosed my hum?
Detredwings,The amp is less than a year old, and has maybe 800hrs on the tubes, although I'm really guessing on the hours. I didn't bias the replacement tubes, just popped them in to assess the hum situation. I guessed that that was why it sounded... 
Best rock song of all times
2x Srwooten. Well put! 
Best drink while listening to your rig?
Single malt and a good IPA at the same time is great, too. Like cookies and milk. 
Do I have a balanced system?
Jamiek, I know exactly what you mean. A sense that perhaps you don't exactly know what you're missing, and the hope that some of it might be reachable with an insightful change or two instead of a ton of money. 
Has anyone tried the Shunyata Diamondback PC?
FWIW, I don't own any Shunyata products, but have to say that I am now much _more_ inclined to purchase some of their PCs, based on Grant's responses here. (This thread is the Kobayashi Maru for him.) 
help me make sonos better
Pjohri, I think I'm pretty much where you want to be when you say[I have a tube integrated Jolida and want to make my Sonos source sound at least as good as the cdp.] Cullen mod to the Sonos, Monarchy DIP, cheap Dacmagic DAC, into an integrated Jo... 
Why not horns?
Bjpd57a1, that is one heck of a love poem there. Nicely done. Your passion comes through loud and clear, as if sung through a horn, maybe. 
Worst Rock Band Ever !!!!
pablo cruise 
PS Audio Perfect Wave DAC + Bridge
I'm super-interested in this as well. Can't wait to hear feedback. Personally, I'm sure it sounds outstanding, but I'm skeptical about the interface, if for no other reason that interface/software design is something I know about, and it's a reall... 
Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix
i had no idea - thanks for the tip. 
Small-ish Speakers That Come Alive At Low Volume
x3 Rega RS1